Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Girls

Do you remember Erma Bombeck? She was a humor writer 15 or 20 years ago. She wrote girls are harder to raise than boys. Why? To paraphrase, she said if you hear noise and demand what happened, a boy will say, "Joey just threw the cat down the laundry chute. It was cool." With girls, there will be silence and you will ask what's up. The girl will sweetly say "Nothing" and you will have to investigate to find out she's making pies with your $45 Elizabeth Arden face powder. I don't know how accurate her description of boys is, but girls? Spot on.

Sabrina was being quiet. I went into the bathroom, and the floor, counters, bathmat, bathroom scale, and toilet were covered in shampoo. She's had enough time to really coat several of these things. Sigh. At least it was not Elizabeth Arden face powder.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy, I Naked!

As you may remember, Sabrina does not much care for pants. She'll wear them now, but occasionally she'll take them off. At home, I don't much care. When we're at Zane's office, I frankly don't much care either. She has a diaper and shirt on, and I'm trying to work. Forcing her to wear pants all the time would mean crying, screaming, and one big tantrum. And that's just what I would do. However.

A few days ago I hear a "Mommy, I naked!" Yes, she was. No pants. No shirt. No diaper. That one I was willing to stop working for. Hopefully this is a phase. A short, short phase.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sasha: 3 months

My baby is three months! I can't believe it was so long ago that he was born! Of course, according to his clothing size he's been that way for a month already, but now it's official.

Basically, Sasha is the perfect child. Except for he doesn't sleep in very long stretches lately, I have no complaints. He smiles, doesn't cry or fuss, and even laughs! That's right, he started laughing at his mommy just a few days ago.

Yesterday I took him to get his 3 month pictures. We also took some pictures with Sabrina since, you know, she was there. The problem is, Sabrina weighs 22 pounds and Sasha weighs 13 pounds, so Sabrina had a hard time supporting him in a sitting position. If she's ever going to beat him up she'll have to do it in the next year, because after that he will be bigger than she is. Of course, she'll be faster for another year or so after that, so she might succeed at the stealth attack. You know, hit and run.

I love you baby boy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sabrina is getting so big and capable! It's sad, really. Partly because she can now open her door (no more naps!) and get into drawers (goodbye, clean dishtowels. You are now cat blankets/dog blankets/doll blankets/just on the floor). But she can also entertain herself for much longer. For one thing, she can turn on the TV (sigh. I just leave it turned to a boring station like the news, and she doesn't watch). But she also can read books. For example, she turns to pages she knows in Go Dog, Go! and reads, "Do not play up there. Go down!" in a very stern voice with a pointing finger. It's so cute.

Sadly, Sabrina has also been sick. Not the cold sick, the throwing up all over the couch and her bed and diarrhea-ing constantly sick. I'm not visiting you today. She does seem better today, though.

Finally, Sasha gave his mommy the best gift ever! All mommies know what I'm talking about -- 7 /2 hours of uninterrupted slumber! From 11 to 6:30! He's the best.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sasha's Blessing

Zane blessed Sasha on Sunday. It was really great except for two things: The snowstorm scared off Benn and Cheri, and Karen and Austin didn't come back from med school in Iowa for it. Ingrates. And I was so excited that we didn't have the blessing LAST week, because there was a big storm on Sunday. What demonic powers keep having snowstorms on Sunday? Oh, wait...

Anyway, Sasha is beautiful, big, and blessed. Or B-cubed, as we like to think of it.

Thanksgiving was a really great day, too. Again, the family missed Karen immensely. For one thing, we only had two pies! Karen never would have let that happen. Fortunately, I called her today and we talked for, like, sixteen hours. If only we could have been making cookies during that time (or a Suzy pie), it would have been perfect.

Patti, I loved seeing your comment. I'd love to hear more about your life in the past, oh 15 or so years since I last talked to you! Please email me at mollybuys @

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Literature's application to real life

Things I learned from Laura Ingalls Wilder that are applicable to the 21st century:

1. Blizzards come from the northwest.
2. A house is way better than a shanty if a blizzard hits.
3. The window really DOES go blank in a blizzard.
4. If lost outside in a blizzard, burrow inside a haystack and wait for the storm to clear. Under no circumstances should you hang out beside the haystack. Individual adaptation may be necessary if the hay is in bales.
5. Huddling 'round the fire is still a viable option.
6. Always follow Cap Garland if you're not sure where to go. If Cap Garland is not available, stay home. Do you want to wander on the prairies until you get lost and die? I didn't think so.

I know there are many other lessons Laura can teach us, but given the weather outside, these seemed to most relevant. Tune in later for lessons on making soap and playing with corncobs and pigs' bladders.

Baby Blessing

So, Sasha's baby blessing will be this Sunday at 2:45. You are all, of course, welcome to come. If I didn't invite you it's because you live far, far away and I feel bad even inviting you. Here's the question: would you like to be invited, even if you don't want to come? I never know. I sort of feel like I'm being considerate by NOT asking some people to come. Not because I don't want them there, but hey, if you're in your 80s or have a little kid and you live an hour or more from me and you aren't my parents or brother, that's a lot to ask. Am I overthinking this? Probably yes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just some random thoughts

I love watching Sabrina run. She tilts her head from side to side and kicks out her little heels. Also, her arms move very enthusiastically.

Today she was reading a book. She knows most of the words, so it sounded like she was really reading. This book is a goodnight to the animals type book, and the mommy animals are on the page and there is a baby animal attached to the book by a ribbon to put in bed on the page. Sabrina knows it's funny to put the dog in the pigpen, or the baby in the chicken's nest. She'll put in the wrong animal and just squeal with laughter.

Yesterday Sasha was big enough to wear his super cute Sunday church clothes, the kind that look like real clothes. Why is it that little girls' cute clothes are cute because they look so unlike grownup clothes with their ruffles and embroidery and ruffles, and boys' cute clothes are cute because they look just like grownup clothes? These are the mysteries pondered by a stay-at-home mom.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is Sabrina her last day as an only child! She looks so happy, with NO IDEA of what is about to descend upon her!

The descent

My nephew, Bode, is a talking outlier. Genius. Apparently, at the age of 2 1/2, he knew and sang all the words to the Primary program while sitting on the bench next to Grandma (Mom to me). I'm sure it's just the four-month difference in Sabrina and Bode that's the difference, but Sabrina is catching up. For example:

She likes to sing, "No more monkeys jumpin ona bed!"

She says "Mommy, stopit!" I hate that one.

I also hate "Mommy, wake up!" Since daylight savings time deserted us, this happens earlier than before. Also, I wake up in the middle of the night.

Whenever she drops something, she says "Oh shoot!" I'll have to teach her "Oh my heck" for Aunt Suzanne.

She can also sing "Twinkle Star" and "Childa God" when I sing with her.

In other news, Sasha is still working on sleeping, eating, and pooping. All tasks are coming along admirably, and boy can he smile! I turn into a blathering idiot when he smiles. You know, "Whosa happy guy? Dasa happy boy! Oh, smiles!" Then he laughs at me, leading to more blathering. Satisfying for all concerned.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Voting Booth

Along with 92% of independents in this country, I have a negative impression of
Nancy Pelosi. I'm also ticked at the Democrats in general. So, it is with this attitude that I went to the voting booth. And I discovered I have become my father.

See, Dad tends to vote Republican on the national level and Democrat on the local level. (At least, this is what he told me about 20 years ago when I asked. This is not an endorsement by Joe Buys of any candidate or position, although that would be good enough for me.) He also votes against incumbent senators. So, I get into the booth and can't vote for Mike Lee, the (R) senator candidate. Or any of the (R) state representatives or senators. So despite my current distaste for national (D)s, I voted almost straight-ticket Democrat. Not that it mattered, since I live in Utah and almost everyone I voted for lost. Of course, that's one of the reasons I voted for the (D)s.

I also voted in favor of the secret ballot amendment. Because NO ONE as the right to know how I voted, darn it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Co-Sleepers are Wrong

Now, I generally try to avoid making value judgments about stuff that doesn't affect me or others too much, like co-sleeping, but I'd just like to say, for the record, that co-sleeping advocates are wrong.

This morning, Zane woke up at 6:30 to go to the gym. He could not find his coat. In order to not leave you in suspense, he had left it in the car. ANYWAY, he turned on 90% of the house lights and spoke in a daytime (as opposed to middle of the night, which 6:30 IS) voice. So, both kids woke up.

Once Zane found his coat and left, I was in my bed with two kids. Sasha grunted and whimpered for a while, then went back to sleep. Of course, I could not move much, because he might wake up or I might roll over him and suffocate him, not that I'm paranoid. Sabrina, however, did not go back to sleep. She talked to herself, sang, insisted on lying on top of me, and various parts of her anatomy bumped into my fullish bladder and c-section scar. I didn't last long.

See? Co-sleepers = wrong.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Professional Pics

Here are some beautiful pictures of Sasha, done by Cheri's friend Casey. He's beautiful, of course.

Also available in black and white or sepia.

Language Development

So, this morning, after being up for an hour, Sabrina decided to climb into bed with Daddy. The door in our room, if not completely closed, opens itself. So, Sabrina gets up to close the door. It opens. "Again!" she says. She gets up, closes the door, and returns to bed. The door opens. "Again!" she says. The sequence repeats. Proving that she is developing a good grasp of the English language and its nuances, her response this time is: "Another again!" So precious.

We went trick-or-treating last night. Sabrina was a princess. Of course, she lost her crown right before going out, but we all knew that's what she was. She was doing very well at the "trickee treat" and "tank-too," so when we went to the final house, I just asked, "What do you say" instead of saying "say trick or treat!" So, when prompted with "what do you say," she said, "I want more candy." The homeowner was (of course) delighted with this response and, once Sabrina took candy, asked if she wanted more. ABOUT FIVE TIMES MORE. Each time, when asked, "do you want more?" Sabrina said, "No thank you. I don't want to be a pig, but I appreciate the offer and I have plenty of candy." Ha. If you believe that, I have some of Sabrina's leftover candy to sell you.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally, pictures!

I just have a minute because I'm hearing "Baby hugy" (hungry), but here are some pictures!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No, Sabrina!

So, have you seen that book called No, David! where there are just pictures of a boy doing naughty things and the text on each page is No, David!? That was my life yesterday for a short time. I was nursing Sasha and *ahem* surfing the internet. Sabrina was in the other room. She came in and climbed behind me on the couch, which I hate. This was the firat No, Sabrina, followed with increasing volume with these dicoveries:

pink sharpie on the wall;
in two places;
pink sharpie on the ottoman;
on the chair;
in two places.

By this time, we might both have been in tears. Fortunately for us both, the sharpie came easily off the walls, mostly off the chair, and mostly off the ottoman. Still, you can see the talent of Michelsabrinio next time you see my ottoman. I see a new book in the works.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That's how they get you

So, Sasha was SO CUTE when he was born. Just a little baby acne, plenty of hair, perfect C-section head, and so on. Well, now he has lots of baby acne and is losing his hair from the front to the back. But...well, he smiles now. And smiles while he looks at his mommy. How cute is that? It well makes up for the baby acne!

Sasha is on an every-other-night-I'm-good sleeping schedule. Last night was a bad one. He woke up four times instead of his good night two. Fortunately, though, Sabrina did not wake up. I've decided that since she's not potty trained she has to regress somehow, and she's picked sleep. Two days ago she had the grumpy trifecta: 2 years old, a new baby, and up at 6. This, of course, leads to the trifecta of grumpy for me:a 2-year old, a new baby, and up at 6. Sigh. I hope tonight's a good night!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wherein Sabrina is Adorable

This morning (late morning, if it must be known) I was taking a shower when Sabrina walked in. This is not unusual. Today, though, I thought I saw something on the toilet, and since Sabrina has mastered the flushing I've been worried she will discover the "Hey! I can put something in the toilet, flush, and IT WILL DISAPPEAR! Cool! Let's try it again!" So I opened the shower door and looked out. No problems with the toilet, but Sabrina was naked except for half a diaper, and told me "I want come in, sower." Okay. Come on in! A bath without all the annoyance of getting splashed when I want to stay dry! Hooray!

On another note, I don't want anyone to get too excited (which means I'm already too excited) but Sabrina has WORN PANTS for five days now! Of course,she sometimes takes them of (like she did an hour or so ago) but she lets me put them on her! And doesn't scream! Or cry! Or insist on a "pincess dess!" That's "princess dress" for those of you who don't speak toddler right now. This could be the beginning of a trend.

Sabrina has a bad tendency to put thing in her mouth. We've been trying to break her of it, but yesterday she may have broken herself of it. She was sucking on a small metal piece and suddenly began screaming and crying. Yup, she swallowed it. It was almost as traumatic as when, later that day, she coughed and juice came out her nose. That is, very, very traumatic. Oh, and how do I know what she swallowed? If you have to ask, you haven't changed diapers lately.

Finally, Sasha smiled at me today. Twice. Aw. Plus, he slept from 11 to 4. Super baby.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


You may be aware that Sabrina has refused to wear pants for, oh, about three months. I've tried, I promise. But putting pants on her results in screaming, crying, hitting, and ultimately, in taking off the pants by Sabrina. Today, we may have had a breakthrough. She has been wearing shorts for SIX HOURS!!! I got them on her, then almost immediately put her in the car to take Sasha to the doctor. She did try to take them off at the doctor's office, but I managed to distract her. I pray we have turned a corner.

In other news, it took an entire hour to get through Sasha's two-week checkup. Really? The nurse weighs and measures him, the doctor looks at him, the nurse, pricks his heel and gets blood for the PKU test. Poor baby screamed the whole time, although he was very brave during the doctor-looking-in-his-ears part. 10 minutes of contact with health care professionals, 50 minutes of sitting and trying to keep Sabrina's pants on. Then to Target for diapers, milk, and juice (the staples), then the bank, and the gas station. I'm tired. I just had major surgery, after all. However, it feels good to get out of the house and drive and stuff. I am an independent woman again! And if I were editing this paragraph for my students, I would ask, "What is the thesis for this sentence? You have too many subjects in it!" So I guess it's time to quit.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I Love

Things I Love

1. Baby Sasha

2. Big Sister Sabrina

3. Being able to wrap a towel around my body

4. Losing 10 pounds in four days

5. My Relief Society bringing meals every other day to reduce crazy amounts of leftovers

6. My Relief Society bringing me so much food, so many presents, and so much love to a two-month member of their ward

7. My reduction from a beachball belly to a size 4 soccerball belly

8. Bending over

9. Moms, moms-in-law, sisters- and brothers-in-law for taking care of me, Sasha, and Sabrina

10. Naps

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I swear I will get some pictures up soon! But for now, you must be content with the written word.

Mom's presence continues to be a joy. Let me give you an example. I have changed about four diapers since getting home! Also, I have yet to do dishes, get myself a meal, or get my husband a meal. This is partly thanks to the Relief Society and my wonderful visiting teacher, who brought enough food to feed an army, but there is something to be said for someone else warming up the lasagna in the microwave.

Sabrina has been very sweet with her new brother. Most of the time. She does sometimes (often) just ignore him, but alternates with "I want to hold it--Baby Sasha." I'm working on human pronouns with her.

Sasha just had his first doctor's appointment yesterday. The doctor confirmed what we thought. He is perfect. He is only two ounces down from his birthweight, which is likely attributable to his fantastic eating skills. He is a sweet, cooperative baby. At least, this is how I feel since Mom takes care of him for much of the night! Zane asked her if she wanted to make the position permanent.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Since Birth

Ever since the C-section, everything has been perfect. Sasha is perfect (okay, he likes to be awake starting at 10 pm, but if that's his only flaw...). He sleeps well, eats well, his blood sugar is great, his bilirubin is "low risk," his circumcision went well. There have been no complications.

As far as me? My incision is healing well, the nurses were impressed with my walking skillz, my pain has been well controlled. Oh, and mom coincidentally has three days off that she could spend in Washington D.C. but thought it would be more fun to spend in Eden. As she says, these are all tender mercies.

BUT. WHY oh WHY do they encourage breastfeeding, tell you how wonderful it is, congratulate you on doing it, AND ONLY HAVE HOSPITAL GOWNS THAT OPEN IN THE BACK!!??!! This is what I would like to know. Today I'm rebelling and wearing the gown backwards, but it gaps in front, and with the elders coming to bring me the sacrament (another tender mercy), I have to wear two gowns to keep decent. Women, we must agitate for breastfeeding-friendly hospital gowns!

Friday, September 17, 2010


It turns out I was not pregnant forever! I now have a beautiful, 9 lb. 2 oz. baby boy, Alexander (Sasha) Joel Froerer, born on September 16. He is perfect, calm, a great eater, and as sweet as can be. His nickname is Honk. As in "That's a big, honkin' baby." Fits well with "Tiny," doesn't it?

I went in for my induction and progressed quickly to 9 cm dilated. Then, I stalled. I was at a 9+ for about three hours. It turns out, Sasha had the cord around his neck, which caused some problems with his heartbeat as well as not allowing him to descend into the birth canal, which meant I did not ever get to a 10. At about 6 pm, my doctor told me he was suggesting a c-section, and by 6:29 I had a baby! Sasha is doing great, I am doing great, and I get an extra day in the hospital to have other people change his poopy diapers and bring me food.

Sabrina has been cared for by both sets of grandparents and has been, according to them, practically perfect. Quite a statement about a 2-year-old! She was very concerned about Mommy's tubes and, presumably, Mommy's swollen and tired face. She asked, "Mommy, okay?" So cute. Mommy great. Mommy so excited to have two babies to love!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The last day of one kid...I hope

I know, it's been a long time since I posted. My only excuse is EVERYTHING seems to take SO MUCH EFFORT! I think it's partly because I went over my due date (okay, that was just Sunday) and I was pretty depressed about it. There's definitely a psychological strain that comes with the passing of that arbitrary date-in-the-sky pulled-out-of-the-air DAY your doctor gave you seven months ago. Add that to the fact that Sabrina was born on her due date and, well, everything takes more effort. But tomorrow? I get induced. Until my due date on Sunday I didn't really believe that impatience was a medical necessity. I hereby recant that belief.

So, today I've been busy cleaning, doing laundry, packing my hospital bag, and I just need to buy some (ahem) necessities that I forgot about until an hour ago. The work hasn't put me into labor, but hey, that's what Pitocin is for.

I also cleaned out the disaster we call a car today. It's primarily my car; that is, I'm the primary driver. Here's the breakdown of who left stuff in the car:
Molly: 10% (not including garbage. Let's face it, 50% of the garbage was mine.)
Sabrina: 50% (not surprising. She spends a lot of time in the car, and I usually have so much to bring in, including her, that her stuff gets left behind.)
Zane and Spencer: 20% each. This is what gets me. WHY do I have four pairs of Zane's socks in the car? Two pairs of pants? Random metal pieces that are VERY IMPORTANT but have been sitting there for weeks? Spencer's geode that he desperately wanted when we were in Southern Utah but never took out of the car? Three pairs of Spencer's shoes? Grrr.

I felt good for cleaning out the car, and was all set to put Sabrina's old carseat in there for the babe, but then I looked at it. Where were my eyes when I put my sweet, clean baby on that filthy seat? So, I'm washing it right now. And yes, it's girly. I feel, however, that my boy will be adequately masculine that he will overcome the obstacle of a pink and gray infant car seat.

I'm sure I have many more amusing and clever things to say, but this is already a novel and I need to finish making sure I have adequate entertainment (books and Alias and Pride and Prejudice, BBC version) for tomorrow.

Oh, and happy birthday Nora and Meredith last Saturday! (People remember your birthday when you're born on 9/11.)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WHO do you want?

So, I had a doctor's appointment today (dilated to a 1-2!) and left Sabrina with Breklyn, my sister-in-law. Well, she had to go do something with the Wariorettes, which meant halfway through the babysitting gig, Sabrina got Uncle Lance (hereafter known as "Yance"). When I get to their house, Lance said she'd been saying "I want my mommy" and "where my mommy go" for an hour. As soon as she saw me? Monkeyed onto Uncle Yance, reached for him when I got her, and begged Yance to hold her. Hold me, Yance, hold me. Then she pulled my hair and screamed.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Dreams

Last night, I had a nightmare. It woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep for 30 minutes. I'm sure my enormous belly didn't have anything to do with it.

So, I dreamed we had a tuberculosis pandemic. Everyone was terrified, trying to isolate themselves, protect their kids. Yes. TB. A disease that (as far as I know) has no acute phase and takes 10 or so years to kill you. (If I'm wrong about this, at least one doctor reads the blog; she can correct me. Thanks, Mom.) But it was scary!

Sabrina has been so adorable lately. That's one of the reasons I didn't want her to get TB. She has been throwing some tantrums, but in between them she gives big kisses and big hugs, says long sentences ("I don't yike it" being a favorite), and wants to play games like "Mommy yun," where she runs and I chase her. It's not like I really run, of course. I have 12 days left until my due date, so it's more a fast-ish walk. Sabrina has really short legs, though.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Independent Baby

Yesterday, as is my wont, I put Sabrina down for a nap. As is her wont, she cried, played, and fell asleep about an hour and a half later. Sadly, due to Spencer's soccer game, I had to go in to wake her up. When I got in, she was asleep in the middle of the floor, wearing only an inside-out shirt. Did you hear me? NO DIAPER. However, there were no...unpleasant consequences to the bare bum I saw below the shirt. So, she had taken off her dress and diaper, put on another shirt, and fallen asleep. I guess she's exerting her independence?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Really? A baby?

Last night, I went to the park with Zane, Spencer, and Sabrina. While there, we saw Vicki and Mike, a couple from our new ward who just had a baby three weeks ago. It hit me like it hadn't, really, that in 31ish days I would have a new baby. A baby! And he will be tiny and helpless...and then I will have two kids. Two! This is all so, well, lifechanging.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non-Prophetic Dreams and other adventures

Last night, when I was not getting up to go to the bathroom or finding a comfortable position in which to lie (impossible), I dreamed a dream, or in other words, I saw a vision. I dreamed the new baby was born August 9. This is why I knew it was non-prophetic: it was the 9th yesterday. He was also about three months old when he came out, and I immediately reverted to my pre-pregnancy shape. Hmmm. Maybe it WAS prophetic. We can only hope.

Now to the true stuff. We have inherited (thanks Benn!) my brother's old bunkbeds for the boys' room. Since he got them when he was 14 and he is now...28, we no longer have the instructions on how to put them together. However, I put them together. Because I am awesome. I did not hear cries or crashes in the night, even though Spencer was sleeping on them, so my conclusion is that I did a dang good job. Thank you.

This morning, I changed Sabrina's diaper and asked her to take off her pajama shirt while I grabbed her clothes. She's 2, so anything that asks her to be self-sufficient may just get a "yessss." Unfortunately, she decided to stand up to take off her shirt. Fortunately, I was just close enough to her to catch her about 6 inches from the ground when she pitched headfirst off the changing table, where I had foolishly left her. Well, lesson learned. Never let her do anything. Sorry, 17-year-old Sabrina.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waking Up

Usually, Sabrina's version of waking me up includes crying. Yesterday, it was a loud "I luv you, mama." I got up real quick.

As Sabrina just turned 2, she had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I really talked her up about being brave, and she did a great job. She stood on the scale (which had Dora stickers on it) without crying, although she did look a little traumatized. You would too if you were standing naked in the hall of the clinic! She let the doctor listen to her lungs and heart and feel her belly without crying, too. Looking in her ears was a different story, but it was better than previously!

However, when the shots started....She was a little suspicious of us when we held her down, but the indignity! the pain! of the two immunizations was too much. The screaming really started then. The rest of the day was "Mama, leg huhts." She has a very cute English accent for most "R" words. Then a few little whimpers. Poor baby.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naked Baby

There I was, minding my own business, when Sabrina shows up wearing a shoes. That is all. I should be grateful it was just a wet diaper she took off. "Diper yucky," she says.

The putting-pants-on screaming has returned full force this week. Maybe it's the lack of central air conditioning, but that girl does not want to wear pants. Or shorts. Or a skirt. A dress: maybe. A diaper (as discussed) is a possibility, but don't take too much for granted. What was that about the terrible twos?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clean Carpets

Why would someone get their carpets cleaned before they move into a house when they have:

1) a dog who pees on the floor;
2) a cat who brings in a dead (or slightly alive) mouse to bleed on the carpet; and
3) a child who, when she is supposed to be napping, takes off her (clean) diaper and poops on the floor and then spreads it around?

Sorry if this is TMI, but I've done a lot of spot cleaning in the past few days, in addition to moving, unpacking, cleaning, and growing a human being in my body. I'm a little tired.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Progress

Everything is coming along. We have had two bites at renting our old house, which I guess we're going to do instead of trying to sell it in this market. That's good, right? I just desperately need to clean the old house, and the basement and garage and outdoor areas still need to be brought up to the new house. I think that should be Zane's job.

My new mantra for the new house is "one room at a time." It's too depressing to see the mess and try to clean it up without a plan. I tried to do that for a week, and the result was a meltdown and TV time. But one room is doable. Of course, I get to decide what a room is. For example, Sabrina's room has a big pile of baby boy clothes. Despite the fact that her room is "done," the clothes remain. Why? Because I decided that job belongs to the boys' room. I'm so glad I have executive decision-making abilities.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, I am 32 weeks pregnant. And my house is a disaster. We have all the furniture here (thank you, new elder's quorum, aka the unofficial moving force of the church! (The Spirit, of course, being the OFFICIAL moving force of the church)), but no clothes are put away, most of the furniture is in the wrong place, the books are on the floor/in boxes, etc. Did I mention I'm 32 weeks pregnant? Just bending over is a workout! Poor, poor me.

On the other hand, the new house is clean (besides the moving mess, I mean). The carpets have been cleaned, the kitchen counters and cupboards are new, and the walls have been painted pretty recently. It's nice to start from a good place.

The sad moving news, of course, is that Karen and Austin et. al. have gone to Iowa. It hasn't really hit me yet in some ways, because today is the first Sunday we'll go to the Froerer Compound where Karen was such a reliable part of the day. I will miss her more than I can say. I hope it's fun for her in Iowa, and that she will come back and visit soon! Or, at least, in time to see Breaking Dawn with us!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not that I'm trying to be blasphemous, but still

So, have you ever had a charley horse in your foot? The other day, at the family Olympics (where I took three gold medals despite my delicate condition, including team competition, soccer kick, and the all-important dessert competition), I was minding my own business and putting on my shoes, when, POW! Out of nowhere, this incredible pain hits my right foot. If it weren't blasphemous, I would say it felt like someone was hammering a nail into my foot. As it is, I'll just say it felt like my foot was going into labor, except WORSE. Poor Zane was like, "What can I do?" But all I could say was "Ow, ow, ow, that hurts so bad!" And I was crying in pain. Definitely worse than labor, because in labor you get an epidural. My sisters-in-law were also very sympathetic, because here's their pregnant sister CRYING in PAIN. If that doesn't get you sympathy, nothin' will. Fortunately, the pain eventually receded and I could go about my business of helping the Red team kick Green and Blue's butts. All is well.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

First the movie. Eclipse. If you don't care, skip this paragraph. Despite what my sister-in-law Candy says, it was great! The kissing, especially. I thought I'd moved beyond that, but whatever. I do think Bella in the movie is more standoffish than in the book and she wasn't as sweet to her dad or Edward, but still. There was lots of hott vampire action. Also, the fight scene between vampires and werewolves was awesome. It makes me want to read the book again, but alas, I packed it yesterday. I should have known not to do that.

While I was at the movie (10 am) and lunch with the girls in the Froerer family, Sabrina was babysat by Austin. Sabrina did NOT want to leave him or her fun, fun cousins. I took diapers for Sabrina, but I don't think Austin knew this, because when I got there, Sabrina was wearing one of Ash's diapers. He's one, Sabrina (aka Tiny) almost two. This is fine, except it was a Walmart diaper, and they leak. A lot. As I discovered again. (By the way, Target diapers are the same price and don't leak. Just a hint for y'all.)

Dinner. Zane requested hamburgers. I was not in the mood, perhaps because of the ginormous Cafe Rio salad plus Farr's ice cream for lunch. So, I made hamburgers. Then I had graham crackers and milk for dinner. I know, you're all jealous. Now, what for dessert?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been noticing a lot of personality traits in Sabrina recently, and it makes me curious to think about the person she will become. Here are some things I've seen in her. Some of them may be just because she's an only child (for another three months) and a 2-year-old. Others, I think, are more enduring.

1. Dramatic. Two-year-old or enduring legacy? I don't know. But just TRY taking her to bed before she's ready.

2. Loving. My cousin Julianne told me Sunday she just got a kiss from my daughter. Sabrina is sweet and affectionate, and likes people. Including strange men, but that's another story.

3. Empathetic. Whenever she hears someone crying, she gets a concerned look on her face and says, "Baby, cy-ing?" I say, "Yes, the baby is crying. Why is the baby crying?" She will usually say "Mama," as in, "The baby wants her mama." She also can be distracted from her own drama sometimes (see #1) if I tell her that her dog or other stuffed animal is crying. She will then need to give it hugs and kisses to make it feel better. She has also asked, concerned, "Mama cy-ing?" at times. Recently, I had an eye infection that made my eyes red and sometimes tear up. She was very sweet about my perceived cy-ing.

4. Care-taking. I have gone up to her room in the morning or after a nap to find cups, books, and the ubiquitous stuffed animals in a circle around her, all covered up to their necks (if they have one, that is) with her blanket. She also shoves pacifiers back into babies' mouths (she's not so good at fine motor control yet) if they drop them, and likes Mommy to "go sleep" with her, which really just means snuggling in the covers for about .3 seconds before giggling, sitting up, and commanding Mommy to go sleep again.

Three good, one...a challenge for parents. Not bad odds. Of course, I'm biased.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My child was lost. For a minute.

Personally, I blame it all on Sabrina's cousin Bode. They were playing together, and suddenly I didn't know where they were. We were at my aunt Kathleen's house, which means I didn't really know the really good hiding places. But the two two-year-olds weren't inside, or in the backyard, or (thank goodness!) in the fishpond. So I started going down the street. A long ways. Saying (out loud, or it wouldn't be true) "This is not happening." About eight houses down, I see a little head bobbing up and down on a tree-lined driveway. A grandpa-aged man was watching them, and asked the naughties if "you know this lady." "Mama," says a very naughty Sabrina. Phew! BODE had apparently opened the door (this is why I blame HIM) and the two of them gleefully went about giving their mother/aunt and grandmother a heart attack. Lock the doors, check. Thank goodness for a very nice neighbor and a street with no traffic. And the power of prayer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Productivity Update

So, bathrooms clean! Not the floors, though. I'm not a miracle worker.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I did dishes twice on Monday. Once was almost exclusively tupperware from the fridge than held nasty, nasty leftovers that we should have eaten for lunch before they went bad, but alas, did not.

Feeling producting and not diabetic

That's right, I passed my glucose test today. Phew. Imagine giving up sugar for three months! A 14-pound baby seems (almost) worth it in comparison. Isn't that why they invented c-sections? (I'm kidding! Kidding!) Anyway, Baby is measuring about 10 days ahead, which he has been for basically three months. I'm still hoping for a September baby (his due date remains September 12), because sapphire will be much prettier in my mother's ring than August's peridot. Shallow? Yes. So?

I also have had such a productive week. Well, Monday was productive, and I'm still in the productivity "glow." I cleaned the whole house (okay, picked up the house, vacuumed, mopped kitchen; bathrooms still need a clean), did AND PUT AWAY all laundry, watered the new grass, burned a crapload of crap on our patio, and did a dictation project. I suddenly feel the need to go clean the bathrooms. Okay, as soon as I'm done blogging. I guess that' Besides, Sabrina finally fell asleep on her desperately needed nap, so I have fewer excuses. Productivity, here I come.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Babies babies babies

While Sabrina was blissfully asleep (blissful for me, I mean), I was feeling the new baby kick inside me and loving him! It was weird. I haven't really felt the bonding stuff that some pregnant women say they feel until today. In fact, I've felt that I can never love Baby as much as I do Sabrina. I think I've changed my mind. It doesn't even feel disloyal to think I might love him as much, which it did before!

I have even felt sorry for Sabrina that she would have to share me and not be the center of my universe (all the time) (at least to share it with Zane. As everyone knows, husbands and children can share the Bright Center of the Universe. Besides, it's not like Zane is not TOTALLY wrapped around her Tiny littlest finger). But then I thought about how sad life is for only children. You need a brother or sister to play with, torment, and be tormented in your turn. Ah, childhood.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wind, rain, and missing garbage cans

What a busy time I've been having! (Not that you would know, from all my posts.) As you may recall, we're moving in a few weeks to Eden. I've been trying to frantically get the house and especially yard in condition to sell. So, I weeded about 300 square feet and planted grass. It's not taking, but it was about 2 years old. So, I may go get more grass seed on Saturday if I don't see any sprouts. Grass sprouts, not weed sprouts. I also hope to do some painting tonight, once Zane gets home and can watch Sabrina. Last night I burned the wood that came down during...


So, I went to take the Counseling Praxis on Saturday up at Utah State, since the next one down here wasn't until July and hey, I'm already 27 weeks pregnant, thank you. (For those of you who aren't teachers or haven't been for a few years, the Praxis is a multiple-choice test that, if you pass it, PROVES WITHOUT A DOUBT that you are a good teacher/counselor. I, personally, have no doubt that the Praxis test is the definitive proof, if you have any questions, that the person is a good, qualified teacher. Silly things like student performance and the opinion of your principal and colleagues shouldn't matter at all.)

ANYWAY, I come home from the Praxis and find THE WINDSTORM OF THE CENTURY has knocked down huge branches down from our trees, tipped over rosetrees (sniff) and disappeared our garbage can. That's right. I have looked all over my street, in neighbor's driveways, in neighbors' BACKYARDS, for pete's sake, and cannot find it anywhere. So. I call the city. They say I have to call the police and report it missing to replace it for free. Because the police don't have actual crimes to solve, they have all the time in the world to deal with garbage cans that have been kifed by the wind. I feel dumb, but call the police anyway. New garbage can to be replaced in 2-5 business days. Overflowing diaper pail not reason enough for emergency delivery. Oh well. We have an old-style garbage can that will do for a few days, in a situation like this.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I might be waddling

So, I am now 5/8ths done with my pregnancy! And don't think I don't recalculate that fraction every week! Although being, for example 23/40ths is not really inspiring, when I can reduce down to 5/8ths, I'm very pleased, not least with my math prowess.

I've been trying to get this house ready to sell. As we bought it as a fixer-upper, I don't want to sell it as one! The past two days I've been weeding, weeding, weeding. That part was actually fun, although my hands and wrists hurt. The part I hate is bagging up all those de-grounded weeds. It's tedious and not nearly as fun as ripping those nasty weeds up by their roots! However, I should be done today, and then we can plant grass on Saturday. Better than a weedy backyard for a buyer, no?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mama I yuv you

Before bed, I always sing Sabrina a couple of songs. Shameless self-promotion: I started singing "Mother I love you" from the Primary songbook. Now, I ask what song she wants and she says "Mama dada." That means "I'm so glad when daddy comes home." Sigh. THEN she asks for "Mama, I yuv you." Aw. My heart goes all melty.

As can be expected, my pregnancy is progressing apace. Yesterday we had family portraits with the Froerers. I can think of a better time, like in A YEAR when I'm not 5+ months pregnant. However, Austin and Karen + 5 are moving soon, and Austin leaves tomorrow to find a house in Iowa and likely will not be back other than a brief return for the family once the house is bought. Besides, at that point I will be 8 months pregnant, so this is better. Still. The sweet photographer suggested I put a hand above or below my belly so I look pregnant, not "frumpy." The fact that she's absolutely right did not make me feel better about the once-in-ten-years family portrait featuring me as an extra 15 pounds or so!

Oh, and Victoria mentioned when she heard about the family portraits she thought, "Well, at least no one's pregnant! Oh wait. I guess I mean, 'At least I'M not pregnant." Ha ha, very funny.

The pictures were yesterday. It was pouring. For the group picture, we went across the field to the far end of the Froerer Family Compound, across foot-high grass. I was fine. I have an extra couple pounds of blood (yes, yes, to say nothing of the other couple pounds, I know) keeping me warm, but poor baby Sabrina was snuggled right up to me. "Told," she said. That means "I'm cold, mama! How could you do this to me?"

I really think the pictures will turn out cute, though. We were all good sports, especially the photographer!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pants? No pants!

It's a battle I've been fighting a lot lately. Yes, Sabrina, you have to wear pants. At least when we go outside. AND YES! YOU MUST KEEP YOUR DIAPER ON! FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! Shoes, however, are negotiable. PUT YOUR DIAPER BACK ON!

I've been trying to get my house painted, too. Finally. It's getting close, but honestly, I am not getting on that ladder to climb up 300 feet (give or take) when I'm this pregnant. Actually, that might just be an excuse. I really don't want to, though, so I'm trying to figure out who I can guilt into it. Any young women out there need a YW project? I have a good idea for one!

The big news, of course, is that we (might) (finally) get the loan to buy Austin and Karen's house (my BIL and SIL). course, I'm not sure what those final things are. I just do what I'm told. Get insurance? Sure. Call the bank? Sure. What do I say? Okay. No one be mad at me because I'm not proactive, I have no idea what I'm doing! And one final thing: Sabrina, put your diaper back on!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back from D.C.--a while ago

I know, it's been a while since I had a post. I'm not sure why, but my life has seemed overwhelming to me lately. However, I have to say it's NOT because of the disaster my house was when I got home from five days away. Zane was very responsive to my pre-trip statement of "If the house is a disaster when I get home, you're in big trouble. And this might be a good time to let you know that when I come home from having a baby" in about five months "the house better not be a mess either." Lo and behold, when I got home the kitchen was clean, with dishes done and trash taken out. I think Zane had Spencer do the dishes since all 6,000 utensils were in the first three sections of the dishwasher utensil-holder, but hey, the dishes were done.

I have lots to say about the trip, but since it's too overwhelming to think of downloading my pictures from my camera (since it would take, like, five minutes), I'm just going to wait a day or so (more) on that. I do want to give you a mental picture, though, of Sabrina holding her giraffe (baff), and telling me it was sad. "Baff sad." And hugging it. And then saying, "Poop!", laying it down on its back, and saying "biper!" Which means, of course, diaper. And then pretending to change its diaper. I'm glad to be home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Indoor Soccer

CAUTION: The following post is rated T for Teen.

Also, if I've seen you in the last few days, you've heard this story. Sorry.

So, Zane and I have been playing on a family-and-office indoor soccer team. We mostly lose, but I've felt good about my skillz, especially considering I'm getting increasingly pregnant. Anyway, the last game of the first season was Monday at 7, with the first game of the next season Monday at 8. These were to be my last games, as my center of gravity is inevitably shifting.

So, at the first game a rather large (not "tall" if you get my drift) girl was really into pushing me. I confess I did stick my elbow out after a few pushes, but if she hadn't been shoving me it wouldn't have mattered. ANYWAY, she totally took me out and I think I sprained my knee. I was *ahem* not happy with her.

So, in the second half, with about 5 minutes left in the game, I returned the favor. Yeah, I deserved that penalty. What I didn't think I deserved was for her to jump up and come at me, screaming that she was going to f*ing punch me in the face. I was actually really calm, because I could not imagine her actually doing so. Also, I teach middle school, pillow girl, and you can't scare me. The ref quickly removed her.

Well, she obviously couldn't get over it, because after the game she was still yelling abuse at me as I was on the field preparing for the next game. She said I have a big butt. Well, those weren't the words she used, if you get the idea. I explained (civilly, I am sure) that I was 18 weeks pregnant. I did not ask what her excuse was, because I was about to play another game and didn't need any more bad karma. The ref congratulated me on remaining calm and acting as I should have, since if I'd thrown a punch, even though I was defending myself, I would have been the one in trouble. Thanks, thanks. Of course, I'm not sure I even know how to throw a punch.

Next game, another woman on the team whines about another girl pushing. "Is the pushing necessary?" /snottily. Of course, our girl was just bodying up, not really PUSHING. However, near the end of the game this same woman PUSHES me from behind. I ask, politely and rather far away from her, "Weren't you the one complaining about pushing?" At the end of the game she said (snottily) "Nice sportsmanship." Honey, you ain't seen nothing!

So, there were my last two sporting experiences before Tiny #2 is born. I feel I've gone out with a bang.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Advanced Baby

My child is so advanced. She's in the terrible twos despite being only 20 months! So advanced. In the past week she has had tantrums about:

* having to wear pants (this is disturbingly common)
* not getting to stab me with a pencil
* having her diaper changed
* being offered juice
* spilling her juice all over herself and the couch (by rights this should have been MY tantrum)
* having medicine
*having daddy not hold her
* having daddy offer to hold her
* being picked up
* being put down
* et cetera and so forth

I think this would be a good time to start potty training.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

It's sad, really. I only get one day of Spring Break. There ARE those who poo-poo my sorrow, saying it's my own fault for only working one day a week. My grief is unabated.

HOWEVER, given the 8 or so inches of snow outside, I'm just as happy to not be going to work today. WHO GAVE THE UNIVERSE PERMISSION TO SNOW LIKE THIS? IN APRIL! DURING SPRING BREAK! My one lousy day of Spring Break, and I can barely step outside because it's snowing? It's really not fair.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

The story goes something like this:

Mom (Saundra): Molly, it's time to take a bath.
Molly (kid): No! (throws fit)
(Daddy comes home)
Molly: Daddy, guess what? I'm going to take a bath!

Mom, I want to apologize.

Molly (mom): Sabrina, let's put on your shoes!
Sabrina (kid): No!
Molly: Should Daddy put on your shoes?
Sabrina: Yeeaahhh. (smiles)

Little stinker.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby clothes, slightly worn

Sabrina was getting low on clothes. No, I should be more precise. She was getting short on clothes that fit her. However, after spending around $50 to get about 7 new items around Christmas (and that was 50% off!) I decided I could not buy an entire new wardrobe for her. So, to Cheri's favorite website, KSL Classifieds, I went.

I went two places. The first, the girl sold me her daughter's 24-month and 2T clothes. All of them, no picking and choosing. $60. Do you know what was in there? TWELVE PAIRS of pajamas! Seriously, folks, who needs 12 pairs of pajamas? I've been very happy with four. Well, now I have 15, because her 12 and my four-minus-the-12-month-pair makes 15. That is one pj'd little girl I have.

The other girl had some really nice stuff, and let me choose. Shirts were $1, pants $2. Bargains, bargains! When I got home, I sorted. Pajamas (wow, a big pile); clothes that are cute, unstained, and matching; clothes that are plain so I can decorate them with bee-you-ti-ful designs at sister-in-law project day (when my diaper bag is done); stained clothes that could be salvageable, and stained, mismatched, or totally not my style clothes (like the camo jumpsuit with a deer and "Daddy's little deer" printed on it. Ugh). Result: I totally scored. I don't think I'll have to buy her clothes again until she's a 3T, which knowing Sabrina could be two years from now. Of course, successful bargain hunting always makes me hungry for more...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunday, Sabrina's eyes started getting goopy. Lucky for us all, she had a doctor's appointment Monday, so her doctor could make sure she was gaining weight. Hey, she's up to the 3rd percentile now! SUCH a little chunk! Anyway, it was pink eye. Other than holding her down wrapped in a blanket and prying her little eyes open while she screams and cries, it's been a really, really great experience. However, her eyes look better already, and that's the important thing.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I went to get Sabrina's 18-month pictures taken (a month and a half late). I went to Sears because A) I had a coupon. That is all. No B. Anyway, I also got Sabrina's 12-month pictures there. Note that "previous experience" did not make B). Those pictures turned out cute, but it was a miserable experience.

So was this. I attribute the problems to two people in unequal parts. A) Sabrina (the small part. She's small, after all). B) The picture taker. She gets, like 90% of the blame. Honey, if a child cries when you pretend to tickle her, DON'T DO IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! It likely will have the same result. Sabrina did not like her.

So, we rescheduled. Saturday, we had a different lady (phew!). She came in wearing bunny ears and fake sneezing. Sabrina was mildly interested. Then, she proceeded to tickle Daddy with a duster. Then Mommy. Then the Baby that Sabrina was holding. Then, miracle of miracles, Sabrina. She was warmed up by then. I really think having Zane there helped, but it was mostly this lady who knew how to do it with toddlers. Hallelujah! There were even (gasp!) some smiles from Tiny. I go back to pick 'em on Wednesday, but I will always call and make sure THIS Sears employee is my picture taker!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Day

On Mondays, my sisters-in-law and various cousins get together and do Projects. I'm working on a diaper bag big enough for two babes. Today I got the straps for the bag cut out and one of them stitched. It's hard work to do sewing projects when you haven't ever done them before!

Of course, I also spent two of the four allotted Project hours making Benn's birthday present. Benn's birthday is in January. I put this off for three months (it was maybe going to be a Christmas present) and it took me two hours. I am awesome. But it's a cover for his golf clubs, and he hasn't been golfing for the past three months, right? Right? I mean, it's winter. Golf courses are covered in snow. We golf on grass. it's done, and will be delivered to him shortly!

Here it is. (Benn, don't look. Unless I've given it to you already.)

See? Cute, right? Especially considering I invented the pattern? The golf club is REALLY FAT, so it makes a challenge. That's probably why Benn was using an old ankle sock until I FINALLY gave him his present! U of U colors, of course. Ta-da!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minor irritations

Lately, Sabrina has been driving me crazy. No, not because of an unholy desire to play in the toilet (she doesn't yet realize the lids open) or because of a newly discovered "outside" voice. It's because she constantly says: WazzAT? It's a clock. WazzAT? A light. WazzAT? It's the sacrament meeting speaker who is trying to tell us we really do have time to pray right before bed! Because all we have to do is sleep! Because he's 19! And playing to an audience of his friends! GRRRRR! WazzAT? It is my brain! On drugs!


Church is hard with a baby. I know this is not news to those of you who have ever had one. 11:00 church is likely the best, if the kid's on two naps at least, but Sabrina's naptime is at 1:00, and church is over at 2:00, and she never naps well when Zane is around because he is a pushover for his crying princess (he's so cute), and well, Sundays are hard. Today she screamed for a few minutes in her crib. I went in and held her. She continued to scream. I put her down, walked out. She screamed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally she screamed herself to sleep.


Can't wait until I have another and we have 1:00 church next year!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warning: Graphic Details Ahead

So, I had my second doctor's appointment for The Babe yesterday. He was checkin' out the sex, you know, and said "looks like a girl." (A girl! I kind of want a boy. But a sister for Sabrina! I could get on board with that!)

"No wait." (Wait? I've already decided to be happy it's a girl. Don't change my worldview now. I've been thinking about two girls for, like, .72 seconds now.)

"Okay, this could be either a clitoris or a penis." (Oh really? That narrows it down. I already figured out I was having a human.)

"No, this is a penis. I'm 90% sure this is a boy. At least I was only wrong for a minute." (Yeah, yeah. Now I have to STOP being happy it's a girl and be excited to have one of each. Which is, I can confess now, what I was hoping for. But still.)

So. It looks like a boy. Hooray!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bedtimes are our friends

A few of us went to a girls' night yesterday--watched the U of U gymnastics team kick Nebraska's butt, then ate fattening food at 10:30 at night. Good times, good times.

Then I got home, and Sabrina was awake, lying on the couch in front of (you guessed it) Spongebob. As all you moms know, today was not a good day. Grumpy little girl! Here is an open plea to all fathers out there: please love bedtime. It is our friend.(Zane.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

No, no, no, la la la

Today I was driving with Sabrina in the backseat, and she began to sing. No, no noooooo, nonono noooo no no....It's not like I'm surprised, just deeply saddened. A few weeks ago I asked her if she wanted cheese? No! Juice? No! Candy? No-yeah! See? Her default is no, No!, or nooooooo. Even when the question is candy.

As you may remember, one of Sabrina's first words was Spongebob. To my dismay. Well, those of you unlucky enough to watch the stupid sponge with his obnoxious starfish friend and pretentious squid coworker know that the show starts with an "Ohhhhhhh" before launching into "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" Yeah, now Sabrina can do the "Ohhhhhhhhh." It's actually adorable, if you don't know where it comes from.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's been awhile. I've just been so...pregnant lately. I'm finally regaining my will to blog, clean, and stay up past 9 pm this week, so here I am. I have not quite regained the will to cook, but I'll keep you posted. Oh, in case you didn't know, I'm pregnant. That's right, baby #2 is due September 12, which means a) s/he'll be oldest in her/his grade, b) I'm right at the beginning of my 2nd trimester (okay, okay, in three days I will be), and c) I'll be biggest and hottest in August. Awesome, all of them.

This week I cleaned my house. It really needed it. Because, as I mentioned above, I had lost all will to clean or even be remotely productive. In all honesty, I cleaned only the main floor. If you visit, the only room you can go in upstairs or down is the bathroom. After I close the doors to the other rooms.

I also finished my quiet book. I think I started it Sabrina's first summer, so that's 18ish months of work. It is not the most neat quiet book in existence, but it is the only quiet book I have made in existence, which makes it Awesome. I'll post pictures soon, but I have yet to find my Will to Take Pictures yet. It's around here somewhere.

I'm planning on making a diaper bag at Project Day, a weekly shindig of sisters-in-law and a few cousins-in-law. I'm planning on having Breklyn, the goddess of projects, help me make a bag I won't be ashamed to tote. It's very exciting to think of making something that is Real and Useful, instead of "Oh yeah, well I've never MADE a quiet book before!"

So, those are my updates. I'll try to be better and update-ier (that sounds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, doesn't it?) in the future.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts on bad things happening to good people

I was checking out the website By Common Consent, a Mormon blog. A comment on this entry made me think about suffering in a new way. I'm assuming this is a quotation from Buechner, although the post was not exactly clear.

Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking, London: Collins, 1973, p.24.

It is noteworthy that the Author and Finisher of our faith was silent on the whys and wherefores of human suffering. Instead, he came down and suffered with us — in fact, sank below our suffering — and proceeded to show us the way by living a life dedicated to healing the physical and spiritual wounds that were all around Him (not to mention transforming the suffering of Gethsemane to the healing of sin and the suffering of Calgary to the healing of death).

I love the idea that Jesus does not explain why bad things and suffering happen--I mean, I think we have some good ideas like "mortal world" and "free will," but I'm not sure God has actually ever said. He didn't say, he just came and suffered with us.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been slacking on my blogging. Here's a few updates.

1. When you ask Sabrina where her shoes are (in the car, probably), or where Daddy is (work, or sleeping) or any other such question, she now puts her hands in the air, palms up, about shoulder height, and says, "I do' know!" It might be the cutest thing she has done so far.

2. At work, the 6th and 8th grade girls are full of drama, drama, drama. Talking about each other, racing rumors to each other, trying to get power. Honestly, I don't remember Jr. High being this awful, even though 8th grade was, well, a hard year. I remember kind of liking good ol' Wasatch Jr. But based on what I have seen the last few weeks, I am afflicted with a particularly pleasant form of amnesia, and have no desire to relive those particular glory days.

3. My computer is now an orphan. That's right: its motherboard died. At least Henry, the tech wizard at school saved my data, but the computer is gone. And, as a 1/5 time counselor, I don't rate a new laptop. Poor me. Poor, motherless computer.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As I work one day a week, Sabrina gets to go to day care. At day care, they learn songs with their actions. I first realized she knew things neither Zane nor I had taught her when she made an itsy bitsy spider while I was singing the song. Not too long afterward, she made popcorn and twinkle-twinkling stars.

My favorite, though, happened a couple of days ago. Sabrina was casually walking around saying "hap-pee" and clapping her hands together. Easy! If you're happy and you know it! Now if I can just figure out the one where she puts her hands over her eyes...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sabrina has been really into blankets lately (aka kee-kees, which unfortunately also means "monkey" and "binkie"). The other day I heard her awake after a nap and went in to find her sitting bolt upright in bed with her blanket over her head.

She also pulls down the dishtowels from the oven handle and uses them to cover either herself (night-ight!), her doll, or various other "babies" like the stuffed lizard or the US Open bear. SSS-sss, she'll tell them as she pats their backs--or rather, as she pounds their backs. Night-ight. Then she lays them down and covers them up. Such a good mama to the baby lizard.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Amusing things Tiny has Done

It's been a while since I posted, but here are a few funny things (at least, they're funny NOW) that Sabrina has done.

1. I was changing her diaper, and she wanted to get "dOWn" from the table. I thought, "well, it will get her dry which is good, no diaper rash, blah blah blah." You know where this is going, right? EVERYONE knows where this is going. She walked over to her closet, stopped, and peed all over the hardwood floor. I can be grateful for two things; a) it was only pee, and b) it was not on carpet.

2. Today were were playing "I'm gonna get you" or "chi-choo," as Sabrina calls it. She was looking at me and ran smack into the couch, bounced off it, and fell flat on her back. I was laughing as I comforted her shocked little self.

3. Tiny can now do the actions to Itsy Bitsy Spider and Popcorn. When I finish singing she says, "Yay (accompanied by clapping)! Mow, mow (more)?" I have sung actions songs A LOT lately.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Benn!

So, it's Benn's birthday today. Here are a few random memories that I'm sure Freud would find interesting.

* We would play boat together and with friends where we were on a boat (usually a blanket) and were orphans and had to deal with stuff like pirates. We always prevailed.

* Benn's play name whenever we played boat was Jeffery.

* We also played town downstairs with Chris and Maren, who were brother and sister also. Maren and I had businesses like fetching food from upstairs. If someone ran out of money, we would just make more. Just like the US government!

* On Friday nights we would sleep somewhere in sleeping bags, often under the swamp cooler in the summer. Closets were another favorite sleeping spot.

* On Christmas Eve, we would sleep in the same room. We would take the bed apart and one would sleep on the mattress and the other on the box springs. This was a really stupid idea.

* Dad sometimes ran the 24-second clock for the Jazz, and we occasionally benefited with tickets. Good seats, too, like on row 25 behind a basket. Dad would bring us the stat sheets at half time and it was awesome. Except the time that grouchy guy sat next to us and got mad at us during the "we will rock you" part. Overall, though? Awesome.

So happy birthday little brother! May your children have as many fabulous memories of each other as I have with you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cleaning and the mess it makes

Every day I assign myself a job to do, thus to get cleaning done. Fridays is deep clean, because unlike my mother, mother-in-law, and at least one sister-in-law, cleaning to me is getting rid of readily noticeable dirt and clutter. I can clean the house in three hours, my mom can take three hours on a light fixture. ANYWAY, today I tackled the top of the refrigerator, which has not been cleaned since I moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago.

So, first I removed everything from the top of the fridge. Nine phone books, not counting the SLArts directory. A church program from 2006. Zane's old singles ward photo directory. Yoda soap. That's right, soap with a plastic Yoda in it. Papers. And below it all, the most DISGUSTING, NASTY, PERSISTENT DIRT you have ever seen! I used straight dish soap, elbow grease, and 30 minutes to get that greasy dirt gone, or at least most of it.

Meanwhile, on the floor, Sabrina took papers, dog food, and the dog's water to create her own splendid mess. So, that needed cleaning, then she needed to have her clothes changed. But my refrigerator top is clean. I'm sure the delight will set in shortly.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

C.S. Lewis's genius

As a child, I loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (hereafter LWW). Perhaps not being overburdened with a desire to see beyond the obvious, I really didn't see the Christian symbolism, just the story. Until it was pointed out to me, then I was like, duh. Anyway, although I loved LWW and had the whole series, I only read the others once and didn't like them. And so, I grew.

Two days ago, I decided that although I was a very fabulous child and I like my child-self, perhaps I ought not simply believe her likes and dislikes are the same as my likes and dislikes. So I reread all the books (except Prince Caspian, which apparently has been lost). Wow. Just, wow.

Of course this time I was looking hard for the symbolism. Here are some of my favorites from the last book, The Last Battle.

1. At the very end the Beasts (Talking Beasts) and men come to Aslan, the Christ figure, who is standing in the door to heaven (for he employs no servant there). Upon looking in his face, they either come through the stable door to heaven, or don't. One of the people who makes it in was a man from an enemy country of Narnia. All his life he wished to see Tash, who was his god but a devil. Aslan says "All service Thou hast done to Tash I account as being done to me." This because the man was good, following the best light he knew, and was honest and true about it. And yet, if a person does evil in the name of Aslan, it is accounted as having been done to Tash and Tash rewards him.

2. Lucy says, when in the stable that contains a whole world, "In our world, too, a stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world too."

3. Some dwarves have come through the door, but refuse to see the world. They only see that they are in a dark stable. Instead of smelling fresh air and flowers they smell sour straw and manure. Aslan gives them a feast and they taste rotten turnips and stale water. Telestial Kingdom, anyone?

4. Okay, this is from the first book, The Magician's Nephew. The nephew's mother is dying, and he wants to steal an apple (from the Tree of Life) to heal his mother, but chooses not to. Aslan commends him, and tells him although the stolen apple would have healed his mother, it would be a cursed life for both the mother and the son. The nephew (okay, I forget his name) was so sad as he looked as Aslan, and saw in Aslan's eyes the same sadness he felt. He saw Aslan was as sad as he was himself about his mother's illness. Then Aslan gives him an apple--not stolen, but freely given, that cures his mother. I love the part about Aslan feeling just as sad for our sorrows as we do. Jesus wept.

I have a lot more thoughts on this, but they need to simmer for awhile.

Monday, January 4, 2010


My New Year's Resolutions for 2010:

1. Gain 25 pounds (to be lost VERY quickly in 10 months or possibly more, depending on, you know);

2. Go to the temple once a month; and

3. Be slow to be provoked (in other words, chill).

Sabrina's 2010 goals:

1. Sleep through the night every night;

2. Learn to talk;and

3. Gain 25 pounds.

I'll keep you updated.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first night

On the first night of the new year (twenty ten, by the way, not two thousand ten. I insist) Sabrina woke up at 1:39. Now, this in itself is not so bad. It's not great, but I can deal with it. What WAS bad was that, upon waking up, she did not want to sleep again. No, she wanted to be up, and play with toys, and watch TV, and talk to herself. January 1 was a day of much tiredness.

The next night was better. She did not wake up until 4,then until 5, when she was up. Fortunately, she slept until 7 this morning, so I'm hoping this was a very, very short-lived stage. May they all be so short, except the good stages.