Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wind, rain, and missing garbage cans

What a busy time I've been having! (Not that you would know, from all my posts.) As you may recall, we're moving in a few weeks to Eden. I've been trying to frantically get the house and especially yard in condition to sell. So, I weeded about 300 square feet and planted grass. It's not taking, but it was about 2 years old. So, I may go get more grass seed on Saturday if I don't see any sprouts. Grass sprouts, not weed sprouts. I also hope to do some painting tonight, once Zane gets home and can watch Sabrina. Last night I burned the wood that came down during...


So, I went to take the Counseling Praxis on Saturday up at Utah State, since the next one down here wasn't until July and hey, I'm already 27 weeks pregnant, thank you. (For those of you who aren't teachers or haven't been for a few years, the Praxis is a multiple-choice test that, if you pass it, PROVES WITHOUT A DOUBT that you are a good teacher/counselor. I, personally, have no doubt that the Praxis test is the definitive proof, if you have any questions, that the person is a good, qualified teacher. Silly things like student performance and the opinion of your principal and colleagues shouldn't matter at all.)

ANYWAY, I come home from the Praxis and find THE WINDSTORM OF THE CENTURY has knocked down huge branches down from our trees, tipped over rosetrees (sniff) and disappeared our garbage can. That's right. I have looked all over my street, in neighbor's driveways, in neighbors' BACKYARDS, for pete's sake, and cannot find it anywhere. So. I call the city. They say I have to call the police and report it missing to replace it for free. Because the police don't have actual crimes to solve, they have all the time in the world to deal with garbage cans that have been kifed by the wind. I feel dumb, but call the police anyway. New garbage can to be replaced in 2-5 business days. Overflowing diaper pail not reason enough for emergency delivery. Oh well. We have an old-style garbage can that will do for a few days, in a situation like this.

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