Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naked Baby

There I was, minding my own business, when Sabrina shows up wearing a shoes. That is all. I should be grateful it was just a wet diaper she took off. "Diper yucky," she says.

The putting-pants-on screaming has returned full force this week. Maybe it's the lack of central air conditioning, but that girl does not want to wear pants. Or shorts. Or a skirt. A dress: maybe. A diaper (as discussed) is a possibility, but don't take too much for granted. What was that about the terrible twos?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clean Carpets

Why would someone get their carpets cleaned before they move into a house when they have:

1) a dog who pees on the floor;
2) a cat who brings in a dead (or slightly alive) mouse to bleed on the carpet; and
3) a child who, when she is supposed to be napping, takes off her (clean) diaper and poops on the floor and then spreads it around?

Sorry if this is TMI, but I've done a lot of spot cleaning in the past few days, in addition to moving, unpacking, cleaning, and growing a human being in my body. I'm a little tired.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Progress

Everything is coming along. We have had two bites at renting our old house, which I guess we're going to do instead of trying to sell it in this market. That's good, right? I just desperately need to clean the old house, and the basement and garage and outdoor areas still need to be brought up to the new house. I think that should be Zane's job.

My new mantra for the new house is "one room at a time." It's too depressing to see the mess and try to clean it up without a plan. I tried to do that for a week, and the result was a meltdown and TV time. But one room is doable. Of course, I get to decide what a room is. For example, Sabrina's room has a big pile of baby boy clothes. Despite the fact that her room is "done," the clothes remain. Why? Because I decided that job belongs to the boys' room. I'm so glad I have executive decision-making abilities.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, I am 32 weeks pregnant. And my house is a disaster. We have all the furniture here (thank you, new elder's quorum, aka the unofficial moving force of the church! (The Spirit, of course, being the OFFICIAL moving force of the church)), but no clothes are put away, most of the furniture is in the wrong place, the books are on the floor/in boxes, etc. Did I mention I'm 32 weeks pregnant? Just bending over is a workout! Poor, poor me.

On the other hand, the new house is clean (besides the moving mess, I mean). The carpets have been cleaned, the kitchen counters and cupboards are new, and the walls have been painted pretty recently. It's nice to start from a good place.

The sad moving news, of course, is that Karen and Austin et. al. have gone to Iowa. It hasn't really hit me yet in some ways, because today is the first Sunday we'll go to the Froerer Compound where Karen was such a reliable part of the day. I will miss her more than I can say. I hope it's fun for her in Iowa, and that she will come back and visit soon! Or, at least, in time to see Breaking Dawn with us!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not that I'm trying to be blasphemous, but still

So, have you ever had a charley horse in your foot? The other day, at the family Olympics (where I took three gold medals despite my delicate condition, including team competition, soccer kick, and the all-important dessert competition), I was minding my own business and putting on my shoes, when, POW! Out of nowhere, this incredible pain hits my right foot. If it weren't blasphemous, I would say it felt like someone was hammering a nail into my foot. As it is, I'll just say it felt like my foot was going into labor, except WORSE. Poor Zane was like, "What can I do?" But all I could say was "Ow, ow, ow, that hurts so bad!" And I was crying in pain. Definitely worse than labor, because in labor you get an epidural. My sisters-in-law were also very sympathetic, because here's their pregnant sister CRYING in PAIN. If that doesn't get you sympathy, nothin' will. Fortunately, the pain eventually receded and I could go about my business of helping the Red team kick Green and Blue's butts. All is well.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

First the movie. Eclipse. If you don't care, skip this paragraph. Despite what my sister-in-law Candy says, it was great! The kissing, especially. I thought I'd moved beyond that, but whatever. I do think Bella in the movie is more standoffish than in the book and she wasn't as sweet to her dad or Edward, but still. There was lots of hott vampire action. Also, the fight scene between vampires and werewolves was awesome. It makes me want to read the book again, but alas, I packed it yesterday. I should have known not to do that.

While I was at the movie (10 am) and lunch with the girls in the Froerer family, Sabrina was babysat by Austin. Sabrina did NOT want to leave him or her fun, fun cousins. I took diapers for Sabrina, but I don't think Austin knew this, because when I got there, Sabrina was wearing one of Ash's diapers. He's one, Sabrina (aka Tiny) almost two. This is fine, except it was a Walmart diaper, and they leak. A lot. As I discovered again. (By the way, Target diapers are the same price and don't leak. Just a hint for y'all.)

Dinner. Zane requested hamburgers. I was not in the mood, perhaps because of the ginormous Cafe Rio salad plus Farr's ice cream for lunch. So, I made hamburgers. Then I had graham crackers and milk for dinner. I know, you're all jealous. Now, what for dessert?