Friday, September 28, 2012


The other day, I "borrowed" Mom's carpet cleaner. No, I didn't ask. She's in India, what do you want me to do? WAIT? But I want to clean my carpets NOW!

I have two colors of carpets upstairs, cream and green. Guess which carpet the dog likes to pee on? You'd think that since we have a DOG DOOR the stupid dog could go outside when she needs to pee, but no, the carpet is too soft underfoot. Oh, and we also have children.

It wasn't a "move all the furniture, Mabel! Carpet cleaner's a-comin'!" type cleaning. No, I just did the TV room, hall, inside the bedroom doors (dog-pee central) and the living room from the hall to the TV room. It was really quite awesome, although it didn't get all the stains. Fortunately, I also got some spot-cleaner.

And speaking of getting stuff, what is about Target that turns my children into screaming, tantruming hooligans? Except Raiden, of course, who is perfect and calmly waited out his siblings' wildness. It wasn't lunch time, nap time, or any other easily explained time. I think I have the answer, though. The devil lives at Target.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Why is 2 such a Bipolar age? This morning, Sasha came into my room at 7:30 (Zane had to leave before 7 this morning, so it was just me) and snuggled for 15 minutes. For him, granted, "snuggling" means turn over, stand up, look out the window, fall down into my head, get under the covers, adjust the covers, get out of the covers, get in the covers, etc. Still, so sweet. Smiles, loves, totally manic. Well, maybe hypomanic. Then, a half hour later, he's screaming, hitting, and throwing a tantrum. Depression! What brought on this tantrum? Well, I don't know. Maybe Sabrina moved the chair with his blanket on it, or he said her stuffed animal was his and she said "no mine," or maybe Sabrina was sitting close to me and he wanted to. Right now, he's upside down kicking his feet in the air. He's wearing his super...hero shirt, and just kicked me in the head. He said, "Sowwwy, Mom," and turned right-side up. I don't trust it. At any time he could turn into a wild, screeching version of 2. What if I give him the wrong shoes? Being a mom is hard. It's not that I don't love it (especially during the hypomanic phases), but when I have to play the "AAAA" game to deal with Sasha's tantrums (that's when he scream, so I scream, so he screams, and eventually he's smiling), it's hard. Although the pouty, fold arms, run to couch and stick out lip part is pretty darn cute.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Islam and Freedom of Speech

I've been engaged in a brief internet conversation with a Muslim who calls himself ALAA A. He claims to be an Egyptian who defends the riots that are happening in the Middle East in part as a response to the 14 minute YouTube video no one has actually seen. Our first comments were more flippant, but here is his last comment, and my response. This whole situation sucks, but I still think freedom of speech trumps people being offended. As I have realized this week, this is a very American point of view. It's the best point of view, though. I'm comfortable saying that, although there are definite disadvantages. Not for me the relativity of culture. Ours is better, and I don't say that with any joking or sarcasm. Where else would you want to live? If you have a serious answer of somewhere else, you just haven't lived there. "Molly, what do you want me to say? you guys only hear your own voice so, in order to hear our voice we should kill one of you. then you will ask, why that one killed and then you hear us. We are the product of you dream to control the world." ALAA A, it is sad to me that this is your point of view. Here's the problem: We believe, more than any other country, that speech is allowed. Western European countries may censor hate speech and Holocaust denial, but we do not. What I do not think you understand is that in the US, we believe if you are offended by speech, that is your problem. That does NOT mean the government of the US is complicit or agrees with the things it cannot censor. In fact, I'm sure they wish this and all other hate speech would disappear. As do I. But in our country, you cannot prohibit speech, even if it is very offensive to another. On the other hand, my understanding is that the maker of the video is a Coptic Christian. I'm sure you can understand that, after the abuses his people have suffered in Egypt over the past few months, he is not feeling friendly toward Islam. He lashed out in what he knew would be a hurtful way, and Muslims responded with violence and murder. This response is not going to make Americans at all sympathetic to Muslims, or willing to listen. What is your true goal in the murder of innocents? (I say "your," not accusing you personally of anything, but as you defended the murders, I attribute your sympathies to them.) If your goal is to get us to listen through these riots and murders, it will fail. It will make us more Islamophobic, more willing to write off all 1.5 billion Muslims as crazy fanatics who are willing to kill over what we see as the unimportant work of one angry and impotent filmmaker. If you engage in a discussion with us about why this is offensive, some people will still do it, but others will be genuinely curious of the beauty that your culture and religion has to offer. Again, what is your true goal? As they say, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sasha's Birthday

Emily's good for me -- she peer pressures me to get posts up in a timely fashion.

Sasha is 2 today. It was almost exactly two years ago this hour that my doctor told me a c-section was in my future, and as the anesthesiologist said, I "comported myself well." He was born a giant, honkin' baby at 9 lb. 2 oz. and perfect.

Sasha has recently become a good playmate for Sabrina, although he tends to hit more often than anyone would like. He's still struggling a little to deal with a new baby brother, but he adores baby Raiden, and still calls him "Jemonis" at times. He frequently demands "hold him" and squeals with delight when Raiden smiles adoringly at him.

Sasha's talking is very strong, and he has recently began longer sentences, four and more words. He's also working on more complex thoughts than "Daddy's boots," and working on "Be...right back," and "Sabrina bit me." Fortunately, she didn't break the skin.

Sasha has been asking for a lot of snuggling at bed time. He says, "Sleep with me" and wants me to lie down with him in his tiny toddler bed. I usually manage to lie down for a few minutes, balancing myself on the mattress without making it fall between the bars. It's nice, because he is usually so full of energy that he doesn't want to stay still, and I just love to hold his little body!

We had family over for his birthday, and received some recycled toys from cousins (genius! I love all hand-me-downs), a Hot Wheels bath toy, and the piece de resistance, the stick horse and cowboy hat. Zane said "I know what Sasha's going to be for Halloween!" I just need to buy him some jeans. What American kid doesn't have jeans?

Sasha, I love you. You are my sweet boy, and I'm so glad you are my son.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raiden's Blessing

Last Sunday was Raiden's blessing, and I have been very delinquent in doing an "all about Raiden" post. And there is so much to say for a 3-month-old!

First, I always hated it when people talked about how SPECIAL and AWESOME their baby was because he slept through the night, because I always thought they were bragging on their own awesomeness. I mean, let's face it, babies mostly wake up in the night. A lot. And mostly, there's nothing you can do until they're 6 months old, or more.

My baby sleeps through the night.

But it's not my awesomeness, it's his. Raiden started doing this magical sleeping thing at about 2 months old, and I really didn't tell anyone for a week or so, because it seemed like it MUST be a fluke. Then I was cautiously telling people, and heck, now I'm posting it for the world to see! Truth: he sucks the two middle fingers of his left hand, so he self-soothes. This is why he sleeps through the night. This may be a problem later, because although you can cut the tip off a binkie or throw it away, neither of these are practical options if you want your kid to stop sucking his fingers. Still, maybe he'll be like my brother, Benn, who sucked his thumb and gave it up on his own at 6. He is rumored to have said, "Mom, I didn't suck my thumb at all today, and I only licked it twice!" May I have such a child. Still, not being sleep deprived (comparatively speaking) for these months is GREAT.

So, Raiden's blessing was very nice. Dad wasn't able to be there, because the next time he was a) home on Sunday and b) we had regular church (no Stake Conference, General Conference, temple dedication, primary program), Raiden would have a joint baptism/blessing. This was sad. Still, it was a nice time with hamburgers and special brownies for all. Now when I say "special," you must understand that this was a Mormon event, and for Mormons, Ghiradelli brownies with mint frosting are SPECIAL. SUGAR IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE WORD OF WISDOM!

Here is the text, more or less, of the blessing. I didn't hear any of it except the part about a good relationship with me, because the second the blessing started, Sasha ran up to the front and I had to bribe him to be quiet with Zane's phone. These sorts of events are not conducive to listening in church, even to your own child's blessing. Thank goodness for Mom and her dictaphone! Sadly, the screams of Sasha and a few other kids drowned out a few words, so I've done the best I could.

Our dear Heavenly Father, by the power of the Melchizedek priesthood, I give this child a name and a blessing. The name by which he will be called is Raiden Zane Froerer. I bless you that you will feel Heavenly Father’s spirit and feel his calling, that it will lead you back to him. I bless you that you will love to serve others, serve your family, serve those around you, and serve those to whom you are guided. You will serve them physically with your labor, and with your heart. I bless you that you will have a testimony of the gospel and that you will use that testimony to bless your family and through your family you will bless others. I bless you with health and strength and a sound mind, and that you will be able to come to church and for the benefit of others be able to find your own path, lighten your own way, to express Heavenly Father’s will. And I bless you that will have a good relationship with your mother and father and enjoy the company of your brothers and sisters, and that those around you will enjoy your company as well. I bless you that in your endeavors, both in school and in work, that as you have faith in your Heavenly Father, and as you turn to your Savior for guidance and for salvation, you will find success. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.