Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raiden's Blessing

Last Sunday was Raiden's blessing, and I have been very delinquent in doing an "all about Raiden" post. And there is so much to say for a 3-month-old!

First, I always hated it when people talked about how SPECIAL and AWESOME their baby was because he slept through the night, because I always thought they were bragging on their own awesomeness. I mean, let's face it, babies mostly wake up in the night. A lot. And mostly, there's nothing you can do until they're 6 months old, or more.

My baby sleeps through the night.

But it's not my awesomeness, it's his. Raiden started doing this magical sleeping thing at about 2 months old, and I really didn't tell anyone for a week or so, because it seemed like it MUST be a fluke. Then I was cautiously telling people, and heck, now I'm posting it for the world to see! Truth: he sucks the two middle fingers of his left hand, so he self-soothes. This is why he sleeps through the night. This may be a problem later, because although you can cut the tip off a binkie or throw it away, neither of these are practical options if you want your kid to stop sucking his fingers. Still, maybe he'll be like my brother, Benn, who sucked his thumb and gave it up on his own at 6. He is rumored to have said, "Mom, I didn't suck my thumb at all today, and I only licked it twice!" May I have such a child. Still, not being sleep deprived (comparatively speaking) for these months is GREAT.

So, Raiden's blessing was very nice. Dad wasn't able to be there, because the next time he was a) home on Sunday and b) we had regular church (no Stake Conference, General Conference, temple dedication, primary program), Raiden would have a joint baptism/blessing. This was sad. Still, it was a nice time with hamburgers and special brownies for all. Now when I say "special," you must understand that this was a Mormon event, and for Mormons, Ghiradelli brownies with mint frosting are SPECIAL. SUGAR IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE WORD OF WISDOM!

Here is the text, more or less, of the blessing. I didn't hear any of it except the part about a good relationship with me, because the second the blessing started, Sasha ran up to the front and I had to bribe him to be quiet with Zane's phone. These sorts of events are not conducive to listening in church, even to your own child's blessing. Thank goodness for Mom and her dictaphone! Sadly, the screams of Sasha and a few other kids drowned out a few words, so I've done the best I could.

Our dear Heavenly Father, by the power of the Melchizedek priesthood, I give this child a name and a blessing. The name by which he will be called is Raiden Zane Froerer. I bless you that you will feel Heavenly Father’s spirit and feel his calling, that it will lead you back to him. I bless you that you will love to serve others, serve your family, serve those around you, and serve those to whom you are guided. You will serve them physically with your labor, and with your heart. I bless you that you will have a testimony of the gospel and that you will use that testimony to bless your family and through your family you will bless others. I bless you with health and strength and a sound mind, and that you will be able to come to church and for the benefit of others be able to find your own path, lighten your own way, to express Heavenly Father’s will. And I bless you that will have a good relationship with your mother and father and enjoy the company of your brothers and sisters, and that those around you will enjoy your company as well. I bless you that in your endeavors, both in school and in work, that as you have faith in your Heavenly Father, and as you turn to your Savior for guidance and for salvation, you will find success. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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