Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I figure it's only fair to do an All About Sasha post.

Sasha doesn't currently have any new stuff going on that's outside of himself. He is, however, having a lot of internal changes. First, he's really mastering the three-word sentence, and even four worders are coming out of him. Take last night. 3:47 AM. "Mom! Mom! Mooooommmm!" I stumble into his room. Then he says, "Mom! Binkie! I found it!" and rolled over and went back to sleep. Great. Glad I got up for that newsflash. Still, despite my drowsy state, I was a little prideful about his advanced sentence construction.

Sasha is also having a much easier time lately with Raiden's existence. It was hard for a while, although he was always completely sweet and loving to him. He's down to about two tantrums a day, a vast improvement. Usually he just needs food or sleep.

Speaking of Raiden, Sasha asks every day to "hold him." Then he smiles at his little brother as his head lies on Sasha's lap. He will also get right in Raiden's face and says, "Hi, Rai-den." So pre-cious.

Sasha also loves nursery. He runs right in (he never walks anywhere, it's always full speed ahead) to play with the kitchen or cars. He's a friendly little guy who isn't afraid of much. Plus, he's so cute! Check it:
(Okay, it's an older picture, but dang, he's CUTE!)

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