Friday, August 17, 2012

A week without

For the past week, Zane, Sabrina, and Spencer have been in Lake Powell. Not wanting to be home alone, I stayed at my parents' house from Saturday until Wednesday. Here are some random thoughts.

Sasha sleeps better in his own bed. Two nights he insisted on sleeping with me instead of on a bed of his own. Both nights he fell out of the bed onto strategically placed pillows, where he remained for the rest of the night. Sadly, he woke up early due to his position on the floor.

My parents have easy-open doors. Sasha learned to open them. Sasha can now open doors here. Goodbye, nap. (sob)

Raiden sleeps through the night wherever. Just give him his hands to suck on, and he's good. Love that boy.

Although I like having my own house and all, there are benefits to living with your mom and dad. For example, home-cooked meals I didn't have to cook, free entry on a grandparent season pass to the zoo, a one-to-one ratio of kids to grownups at the zoo (no Sabrina + no Zane + one grandpa = yay!), and more adoring adults to love my kids.

I have sort of felt like I was on vacation as well, what with Sabrina gone and Zane on vacation. I really need to establish my own identity, or something. But I have not wanted to clean or do other work-like stuff since I've been home. I have, though. Props to me. (BTW, "props" is short for "proper respect." Yeah, I didn't know that either.)

With luck, Zane will be home in a few hours. The house is clean, Spencer's bed is set up (for the THIRD TIME. I TOLD YOU SO), and I'm all ready to do laundry. I miss my family.

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