Monday, March 29, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

The story goes something like this:

Mom (Saundra): Molly, it's time to take a bath.
Molly (kid): No! (throws fit)
(Daddy comes home)
Molly: Daddy, guess what? I'm going to take a bath!

Mom, I want to apologize.

Molly (mom): Sabrina, let's put on your shoes!
Sabrina (kid): No!
Molly: Should Daddy put on your shoes?
Sabrina: Yeeaahhh. (smiles)

Little stinker.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby clothes, slightly worn

Sabrina was getting low on clothes. No, I should be more precise. She was getting short on clothes that fit her. However, after spending around $50 to get about 7 new items around Christmas (and that was 50% off!) I decided I could not buy an entire new wardrobe for her. So, to Cheri's favorite website, KSL Classifieds, I went.

I went two places. The first, the girl sold me her daughter's 24-month and 2T clothes. All of them, no picking and choosing. $60. Do you know what was in there? TWELVE PAIRS of pajamas! Seriously, folks, who needs 12 pairs of pajamas? I've been very happy with four. Well, now I have 15, because her 12 and my four-minus-the-12-month-pair makes 15. That is one pj'd little girl I have.

The other girl had some really nice stuff, and let me choose. Shirts were $1, pants $2. Bargains, bargains! When I got home, I sorted. Pajamas (wow, a big pile); clothes that are cute, unstained, and matching; clothes that are plain so I can decorate them with bee-you-ti-ful designs at sister-in-law project day (when my diaper bag is done); stained clothes that could be salvageable, and stained, mismatched, or totally not my style clothes (like the camo jumpsuit with a deer and "Daddy's little deer" printed on it. Ugh). Result: I totally scored. I don't think I'll have to buy her clothes again until she's a 3T, which knowing Sabrina could be two years from now. Of course, successful bargain hunting always makes me hungry for more...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunday, Sabrina's eyes started getting goopy. Lucky for us all, she had a doctor's appointment Monday, so her doctor could make sure she was gaining weight. Hey, she's up to the 3rd percentile now! SUCH a little chunk! Anyway, it was pink eye. Other than holding her down wrapped in a blanket and prying her little eyes open while she screams and cries, it's been a really, really great experience. However, her eyes look better already, and that's the important thing.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I went to get Sabrina's 18-month pictures taken (a month and a half late). I went to Sears because A) I had a coupon. That is all. No B. Anyway, I also got Sabrina's 12-month pictures there. Note that "previous experience" did not make B). Those pictures turned out cute, but it was a miserable experience.

So was this. I attribute the problems to two people in unequal parts. A) Sabrina (the small part. She's small, after all). B) The picture taker. She gets, like 90% of the blame. Honey, if a child cries when you pretend to tickle her, DON'T DO IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! It likely will have the same result. Sabrina did not like her.

So, we rescheduled. Saturday, we had a different lady (phew!). She came in wearing bunny ears and fake sneezing. Sabrina was mildly interested. Then, she proceeded to tickle Daddy with a duster. Then Mommy. Then the Baby that Sabrina was holding. Then, miracle of miracles, Sabrina. She was warmed up by then. I really think having Zane there helped, but it was mostly this lady who knew how to do it with toddlers. Hallelujah! There were even (gasp!) some smiles from Tiny. I go back to pick 'em on Wednesday, but I will always call and make sure THIS Sears employee is my picture taker!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Day

On Mondays, my sisters-in-law and various cousins get together and do Projects. I'm working on a diaper bag big enough for two babes. Today I got the straps for the bag cut out and one of them stitched. It's hard work to do sewing projects when you haven't ever done them before!

Of course, I also spent two of the four allotted Project hours making Benn's birthday present. Benn's birthday is in January. I put this off for three months (it was maybe going to be a Christmas present) and it took me two hours. I am awesome. But it's a cover for his golf clubs, and he hasn't been golfing for the past three months, right? Right? I mean, it's winter. Golf courses are covered in snow. We golf on grass. it's done, and will be delivered to him shortly!

Here it is. (Benn, don't look. Unless I've given it to you already.)

See? Cute, right? Especially considering I invented the pattern? The golf club is REALLY FAT, so it makes a challenge. That's probably why Benn was using an old ankle sock until I FINALLY gave him his present! U of U colors, of course. Ta-da!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minor irritations

Lately, Sabrina has been driving me crazy. No, not because of an unholy desire to play in the toilet (she doesn't yet realize the lids open) or because of a newly discovered "outside" voice. It's because she constantly says: WazzAT? It's a clock. WazzAT? A light. WazzAT? It's the sacrament meeting speaker who is trying to tell us we really do have time to pray right before bed! Because all we have to do is sleep! Because he's 19! And playing to an audience of his friends! GRRRRR! WazzAT? It is my brain! On drugs!


Church is hard with a baby. I know this is not news to those of you who have ever had one. 11:00 church is likely the best, if the kid's on two naps at least, but Sabrina's naptime is at 1:00, and church is over at 2:00, and she never naps well when Zane is around because he is a pushover for his crying princess (he's so cute), and well, Sundays are hard. Today she screamed for a few minutes in her crib. I went in and held her. She continued to scream. I put her down, walked out. She screamed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally she screamed herself to sleep.


Can't wait until I have another and we have 1:00 church next year!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warning: Graphic Details Ahead

So, I had my second doctor's appointment for The Babe yesterday. He was checkin' out the sex, you know, and said "looks like a girl." (A girl! I kind of want a boy. But a sister for Sabrina! I could get on board with that!)

"No wait." (Wait? I've already decided to be happy it's a girl. Don't change my worldview now. I've been thinking about two girls for, like, .72 seconds now.)

"Okay, this could be either a clitoris or a penis." (Oh really? That narrows it down. I already figured out I was having a human.)

"No, this is a penis. I'm 90% sure this is a boy. At least I was only wrong for a minute." (Yeah, yeah. Now I have to STOP being happy it's a girl and be excited to have one of each. Which is, I can confess now, what I was hoping for. But still.)

So. It looks like a boy. Hooray!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bedtimes are our friends

A few of us went to a girls' night yesterday--watched the U of U gymnastics team kick Nebraska's butt, then ate fattening food at 10:30 at night. Good times, good times.

Then I got home, and Sabrina was awake, lying on the couch in front of (you guessed it) Spongebob. As all you moms know, today was not a good day. Grumpy little girl! Here is an open plea to all fathers out there: please love bedtime. It is our friend.(Zane.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

No, no, no, la la la

Today I was driving with Sabrina in the backseat, and she began to sing. No, no noooooo, nonono noooo no no....It's not like I'm surprised, just deeply saddened. A few weeks ago I asked her if she wanted cheese? No! Juice? No! Candy? No-yeah! See? Her default is no, No!, or nooooooo. Even when the question is candy.

As you may remember, one of Sabrina's first words was Spongebob. To my dismay. Well, those of you unlucky enough to watch the stupid sponge with his obnoxious starfish friend and pretentious squid coworker know that the show starts with an "Ohhhhhhh" before launching into "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" Yeah, now Sabrina can do the "Ohhhhhhhhh." It's actually adorable, if you don't know where it comes from.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's been awhile. I've just been so...pregnant lately. I'm finally regaining my will to blog, clean, and stay up past 9 pm this week, so here I am. I have not quite regained the will to cook, but I'll keep you posted. Oh, in case you didn't know, I'm pregnant. That's right, baby #2 is due September 12, which means a) s/he'll be oldest in her/his grade, b) I'm right at the beginning of my 2nd trimester (okay, okay, in three days I will be), and c) I'll be biggest and hottest in August. Awesome, all of them.

This week I cleaned my house. It really needed it. Because, as I mentioned above, I had lost all will to clean or even be remotely productive. In all honesty, I cleaned only the main floor. If you visit, the only room you can go in upstairs or down is the bathroom. After I close the doors to the other rooms.

I also finished my quiet book. I think I started it Sabrina's first summer, so that's 18ish months of work. It is not the most neat quiet book in existence, but it is the only quiet book I have made in existence, which makes it Awesome. I'll post pictures soon, but I have yet to find my Will to Take Pictures yet. It's around here somewhere.

I'm planning on making a diaper bag at Project Day, a weekly shindig of sisters-in-law and a few cousins-in-law. I'm planning on having Breklyn, the goddess of projects, help me make a bag I won't be ashamed to tote. It's very exciting to think of making something that is Real and Useful, instead of "Oh yeah, well I've never MADE a quiet book before!"

So, those are my updates. I'll try to be better and update-ier (that sounds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, doesn't it?) in the future.