Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warning: Graphic Details Ahead

So, I had my second doctor's appointment for The Babe yesterday. He was checkin' out the sex, you know, and said "looks like a girl." (A girl! I kind of want a boy. But a sister for Sabrina! I could get on board with that!)

"No wait." (Wait? I've already decided to be happy it's a girl. Don't change my worldview now. I've been thinking about two girls for, like, .72 seconds now.)

"Okay, this could be either a clitoris or a penis." (Oh really? That narrows it down. I already figured out I was having a human.)

"No, this is a penis. I'm 90% sure this is a boy. At least I was only wrong for a minute." (Yeah, yeah. Now I have to STOP being happy it's a girl and be excited to have one of each. Which is, I can confess now, what I was hoping for. But still.)

So. It looks like a boy. Hooray!


Crawford Crew said...

Seriously, Molly, I think that's the funniest post I have EVER read. I loved it :D I hope my babe has either a clit or a penis, too ;)

Crawford Crew said...

AND, Congrats! :D That's so awesome!

The Froerer's said...

Yay! another boy cousin for Brighton to play with!

Dad said...

Thanks for calling. Enjoyed talking with and Tiny. I am excited about the news. Lets do lunch or dinner next week.