Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby clothes, slightly worn

Sabrina was getting low on clothes. No, I should be more precise. She was getting short on clothes that fit her. However, after spending around $50 to get about 7 new items around Christmas (and that was 50% off!) I decided I could not buy an entire new wardrobe for her. So, to Cheri's favorite website, KSL Classifieds, I went.

I went two places. The first, the girl sold me her daughter's 24-month and 2T clothes. All of them, no picking and choosing. $60. Do you know what was in there? TWELVE PAIRS of pajamas! Seriously, folks, who needs 12 pairs of pajamas? I've been very happy with four. Well, now I have 15, because her 12 and my four-minus-the-12-month-pair makes 15. That is one pj'd little girl I have.

The other girl had some really nice stuff, and let me choose. Shirts were $1, pants $2. Bargains, bargains! When I got home, I sorted. Pajamas (wow, a big pile); clothes that are cute, unstained, and matching; clothes that are plain so I can decorate them with bee-you-ti-ful designs at sister-in-law project day (when my diaper bag is done); stained clothes that could be salvageable, and stained, mismatched, or totally not my style clothes (like the camo jumpsuit with a deer and "Daddy's little deer" printed on it. Ugh). Result: I totally scored. I don't think I'll have to buy her clothes again until she's a 3T, which knowing Sabrina could be two years from now. Of course, successful bargain hunting always makes me hungry for more...

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Crawford Crew said...

Sounds like OODLES of fun! I love KSL! I hope some of the mat clothes worked for you. :)