Sunday, March 21, 2010


I went to get Sabrina's 18-month pictures taken (a month and a half late). I went to Sears because A) I had a coupon. That is all. No B. Anyway, I also got Sabrina's 12-month pictures there. Note that "previous experience" did not make B). Those pictures turned out cute, but it was a miserable experience.

So was this. I attribute the problems to two people in unequal parts. A) Sabrina (the small part. She's small, after all). B) The picture taker. She gets, like 90% of the blame. Honey, if a child cries when you pretend to tickle her, DON'T DO IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! It likely will have the same result. Sabrina did not like her.

So, we rescheduled. Saturday, we had a different lady (phew!). She came in wearing bunny ears and fake sneezing. Sabrina was mildly interested. Then, she proceeded to tickle Daddy with a duster. Then Mommy. Then the Baby that Sabrina was holding. Then, miracle of miracles, Sabrina. She was warmed up by then. I really think having Zane there helped, but it was mostly this lady who knew how to do it with toddlers. Hallelujah! There were even (gasp!) some smiles from Tiny. I go back to pick 'em on Wednesday, but I will always call and make sure THIS Sears employee is my picture taker!

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