Monday, June 22, 2015

Raiden's Third

I'm a little late, but Raiden turned 3 just a few weeks ago. Here's what he's up to these days.

His talking is great. He told me he loved candy because it is dewishous. Sometimes he likes to yell, "I love my butt and I won't shut up!"

Unfortunately, Raiden still has an oral fixation. I don't mind that he sucks on his fingers because that's dang cute, but I HATE that he is a biter. Almost worse? At church he leaned over and LICKED my face from chin to eyebrow. Gross, gross, gross.

Raiden is a snuggler. One of his most common questions is, "Mom, can I hold you?" Aw. Then he collects his big blanky and duck blanky and sits on my lap, sucking his fingers. So precious.

He's also really into the toddler tendency of collecting things. I find his caches of "stuff" all over. He had about six toys in his car seat and threw a fit at the thought of putting some of them on the floor. When he dropped one of them it didn't matter that he still had two cars and a million other toys, he needed the car that fell. Fortunately, Sasha said, "Mom, when the car stops should I find it?" Thank you, oldest son.

Although Raiden can be wanpaku (Japanese for a wild one), he is the sweetest little boy. He is tender with our pets, gentle and affectionate with his two baby cousins, and loves to play with Sasha and Sabrina. I love you baby boy!