Friday, February 11, 2011


Scene: my lovely, warm bed that I had to leave altogether too many times in the night.
Time: 7:14 am
Down the hall, a door squeaks open. Whimpering is heard. Little footsteps come down the hall. More whimpering.
"Mama, I need juice." Whining. "Mama, geeup." Whining. "I need ceeral." Whining.

That is how my days have been starting lately. With the dreaded door squeak and the cursed whining. I coulnd't take it anymore. So, yesterday we went to timeout with every second whine. And when I say "we" I mean "Sabrina." I usually gave her one chance to say it again in non-whiny voice, and guess what? She was so happy all day long. It's like, when she's forced to sound happy, she is happy. That's a lesson I need to take to heart.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Four months old, size 6-9 months

Sasha's four month appointment was yesterday. The doctor confirmed what I already know: I have a perfect giant. 91st percentile in height, 84th in weight. In other words, skinny! Okay, not skinny. Enormous. But not enormously fat. Big. Very, very big. 17 pounds. Only five less than his sister. They are now (as soon as his size 2 diapers run out) in the same size diaper.

Oh, and he cries for 10 seconds with shots, and doesn't get sick that day. Basically, except from an I-have-to-carry-him standpoint, he's perfect. Oh wait -- he also wakes up once in the night usually. So, basically perfect. He has the most amazing smiles, giggles and laughs, loves to have his diaper changed, coos at his mommy, and waves his arms around frantically. He plays with paper, pulls my hair vigorously, takes his binkie out of his mouth, and pets the cat. I love my boy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Goal

My goal for February is "cease to be idle." I hate this goal. Anyway, here are my subgoals. Or, as teachers say, here is what "cease to be idle" looks like:

1. Spend two hours a day doing work around the house,at least one of which is cleaning.
2. While watching TV (Gilmore Girls is on at 3!) do something productive, i.e. laundry, exercise, or blogging.
3. Regrout the tile in my hallway from the garage.
4. Put numbers on my house. I bought them last month, but they need to be put up.

Oh yeah, and want to know how January's goals went? I cleaned out the garage and Zane is parking there, which is good because it's Canada weather lately. I cleaned out the car and it's still clean, although I probably need to do a vacuum/glass cleaning/make sure every last thing is out job every month or so. I decided not to sell things on KSL because we put the rug downstairs with the computer and are getting Marilyn and Zane's old couch so we need the slipcover, and those were the main things I wanted to sell. I got a FAIL on cleaning the downstairs, partly because we didn't get all the shelves I needed for Christmas so I felt like I didn't have anywhere to put stuff. I'll try to get more shelves over the next few months and take care of that. So, not bad overall. I also got caulk and Zane caulked between the tub and floor in the bathroom. I give myself a B-. On to February!