Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Party!

On Saturday I went to a fabulous family party, in which I was reminded what awesome genes I share with other people. First, I crashed Allie's house at 11:30 with a I'm-out-of-Lexapro incident. She saved me with a telephone and car phone charger. Phew! Then it was back to Allie's at 5:00. This time I didn't break into her house in desperation, but instead waited for the greeting party of my mom and auntie.

It was so great to see my fabulous cousins! I haven't seen Annie for a really long time. It's also been awhile since I saw Julianne. Last time I saw her she was bald. Now she has 1/4 inch (or so) of hair! That's a great feeling. I remember when the first tiny little fine baby hairs came in. I stood at the bathroom counter and petted myself and wept. The end of the trial was in sight. Soon I wouldn't be that lady with cancer, but instead that chic lady with the short hair. Honestly, though, I think Ju pulls off the supershort hair better than I did.

Although Sasha had to stay home because he was sick, Sabrina and Raiden had a great time playing with cousins. Raiden, the youngest that wasn't a baby, managed to make both Owen (age 4) and Bennett (age 3) cry. He's a monster! His favorite game is "wrestle," combined with "roar like a dinosaur." For some reason, the other boys cried when confronted with a tiny body that wasn't afraid to take 'em down. I think it helped (Raiden!) that his head is on the level of the other boys' jaws, so when they bonked heads it was the thick part of Raiden's skull. Sorry, family.

Anyway, it was lovely to see all my family! We should do it more often than every two years.

Monday, September 8, 2014


A few nights ago, Raiden woke up crying. Zane went in to take care of him, and I could hear him (Raiden, that is) saying, "Bottle. In garbage." Zane said, "Did someone throw your bottle in the garbage?" "Yeah." "It's okay, your bottle isn't in the garbage."

That night, I dreamed I had a class of about forty students, and they were all talking at once. And there was nothing I could do. They REFUSED to be quiet. I shouted, I asked nicely, I waited for them to be quiet...nothing.

Can we say whose dream was worse? I guess they were equally bad, but age-appropriate!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Random Update

It's been awhile since I updated, I know, but I've been busy. Also, my computer won't charge anymore, so I'm updating from school during my prep. Because I need a break from all that correcting. Woe is me.

A very exciting thing happened the other day. Sabrina has been riding her bike with training wheels since she got it in December, but training wheels are just a drag on the bike. She couldn't get going up hills, couldn't go very fast (she did NOT complain about that!), and was generally frustrated with riding anytime it wasn't flat or downhill. I told Zane to take off her training wheels. She cried. And begged. That's why Daddy has to take off the training wheels! Zane came in saying he just left her outside and told her to TRY riding the bike. Just then, I pointed outside. "Is that her?!? The one pedaling down the street?" It sure was! Now she luuurves riding her bike and was disappointed when I accidentally left it at Grandma's house.

Sasha is loving preschool. When I go to pick him up he regularly says, "Can I stay a little longer?" No! Let's go home! Don't you love me? It's great to see him learning his letters and having great little friendships. He can always find a friend at the park. Sasha has also taken to explaining to me that he is so big now, he is five. I've tried explaining that he turns FOUR in a couple weeks, but it doesn't seem to take.

Raiden is also going through an adorable phase right now. He likes to mimic what others say. We regularly get in fights that go like this: "You're cute!" "No, you're cute!" "No, you're cute!" These fights can last for many, many iterations. We also do "You're a ding-dong!" and "You're a silly goose!" Then we laugh and laugh.

So things are basically going great. I'm loving school and Zane is loving being at home with the kids. We're hoping he will have enough collections and evictions to do those primarily, with just a few other cases per year. Prayers for such an outcome are petitioned! I'm so happy right now to be done with treatment and have my kids adjusting to a new school year. I am really so lucky.