Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Girls

Do you remember Erma Bombeck? She was a humor writer 15 or 20 years ago. She wrote girls are harder to raise than boys. Why? To paraphrase, she said if you hear noise and demand what happened, a boy will say, "Joey just threw the cat down the laundry chute. It was cool." With girls, there will be silence and you will ask what's up. The girl will sweetly say "Nothing" and you will have to investigate to find out she's making pies with your $45 Elizabeth Arden face powder. I don't know how accurate her description of boys is, but girls? Spot on.

Sabrina was being quiet. I went into the bathroom, and the floor, counters, bathmat, bathroom scale, and toilet were covered in shampoo. She's had enough time to really coat several of these things. Sigh. At least it was not Elizabeth Arden face powder.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy, I Naked!

As you may remember, Sabrina does not much care for pants. She'll wear them now, but occasionally she'll take them off. At home, I don't much care. When we're at Zane's office, I frankly don't much care either. She has a diaper and shirt on, and I'm trying to work. Forcing her to wear pants all the time would mean crying, screaming, and one big tantrum. And that's just what I would do. However.

A few days ago I hear a "Mommy, I naked!" Yes, she was. No pants. No shirt. No diaper. That one I was willing to stop working for. Hopefully this is a phase. A short, short phase.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sasha: 3 months

My baby is three months! I can't believe it was so long ago that he was born! Of course, according to his clothing size he's been that way for a month already, but now it's official.

Basically, Sasha is the perfect child. Except for he doesn't sleep in very long stretches lately, I have no complaints. He smiles, doesn't cry or fuss, and even laughs! That's right, he started laughing at his mommy just a few days ago.

Yesterday I took him to get his 3 month pictures. We also took some pictures with Sabrina since, you know, she was there. The problem is, Sabrina weighs 22 pounds and Sasha weighs 13 pounds, so Sabrina had a hard time supporting him in a sitting position. If she's ever going to beat him up she'll have to do it in the next year, because after that he will be bigger than she is. Of course, she'll be faster for another year or so after that, so she might succeed at the stealth attack. You know, hit and run.

I love you baby boy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sabrina is getting so big and capable! It's sad, really. Partly because she can now open her door (no more naps!) and get into drawers (goodbye, clean dishtowels. You are now cat blankets/dog blankets/doll blankets/just on the floor). But she can also entertain herself for much longer. For one thing, she can turn on the TV (sigh. I just leave it turned to a boring station like the news, and she doesn't watch). But she also can read books. For example, she turns to pages she knows in Go Dog, Go! and reads, "Do not play up there. Go down!" in a very stern voice with a pointing finger. It's so cute.

Sadly, Sabrina has also been sick. Not the cold sick, the throwing up all over the couch and her bed and diarrhea-ing constantly sick. I'm not visiting you today. She does seem better today, though.

Finally, Sasha gave his mommy the best gift ever! All mommies know what I'm talking about -- 7 /2 hours of uninterrupted slumber! From 11 to 6:30! He's the best.