Friday, December 17, 2010

Sasha: 3 months

My baby is three months! I can't believe it was so long ago that he was born! Of course, according to his clothing size he's been that way for a month already, but now it's official.

Basically, Sasha is the perfect child. Except for he doesn't sleep in very long stretches lately, I have no complaints. He smiles, doesn't cry or fuss, and even laughs! That's right, he started laughing at his mommy just a few days ago.

Yesterday I took him to get his 3 month pictures. We also took some pictures with Sabrina since, you know, she was there. The problem is, Sabrina weighs 22 pounds and Sasha weighs 13 pounds, so Sabrina had a hard time supporting him in a sitting position. If she's ever going to beat him up she'll have to do it in the next year, because after that he will be bigger than she is. Of course, she'll be faster for another year or so after that, so she might succeed at the stealth attack. You know, hit and run.

I love you baby boy!

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