Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sabrina is getting so big and capable! It's sad, really. Partly because she can now open her door (no more naps!) and get into drawers (goodbye, clean dishtowels. You are now cat blankets/dog blankets/doll blankets/just on the floor). But she can also entertain herself for much longer. For one thing, she can turn on the TV (sigh. I just leave it turned to a boring station like the news, and she doesn't watch). But she also can read books. For example, she turns to pages she knows in Go Dog, Go! and reads, "Do not play up there. Go down!" in a very stern voice with a pointing finger. It's so cute.

Sadly, Sabrina has also been sick. Not the cold sick, the throwing up all over the couch and her bed and diarrhea-ing constantly sick. I'm not visiting you today. She does seem better today, though.

Finally, Sasha gave his mommy the best gift ever! All mommies know what I'm talking about -- 7 /2 hours of uninterrupted slumber! From 11 to 6:30! He's the best.

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