Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Girls

Do you remember Erma Bombeck? She was a humor writer 15 or 20 years ago. She wrote girls are harder to raise than boys. Why? To paraphrase, she said if you hear noise and demand what happened, a boy will say, "Joey just threw the cat down the laundry chute. It was cool." With girls, there will be silence and you will ask what's up. The girl will sweetly say "Nothing" and you will have to investigate to find out she's making pies with your $45 Elizabeth Arden face powder. I don't know how accurate her description of boys is, but girls? Spot on.

Sabrina was being quiet. I went into the bathroom, and the floor, counters, bathmat, bathroom scale, and toilet were covered in shampoo. She's had enough time to really coat several of these things. Sigh. At least it was not Elizabeth Arden face powder.

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