Monday, November 29, 2010

Sasha's Blessing

Zane blessed Sasha on Sunday. It was really great except for two things: The snowstorm scared off Benn and Cheri, and Karen and Austin didn't come back from med school in Iowa for it. Ingrates. And I was so excited that we didn't have the blessing LAST week, because there was a big storm on Sunday. What demonic powers keep having snowstorms on Sunday? Oh, wait...

Anyway, Sasha is beautiful, big, and blessed. Or B-cubed, as we like to think of it.

Thanksgiving was a really great day, too. Again, the family missed Karen immensely. For one thing, we only had two pies! Karen never would have let that happen. Fortunately, I called her today and we talked for, like, sixteen hours. If only we could have been making cookies during that time (or a Suzy pie), it would have been perfect.

Patti, I loved seeing your comment. I'd love to hear more about your life in the past, oh 15 or so years since I last talked to you! Please email me at mollybuys @

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Anonymous said...

Got Your email. Sorry I didn't leave mine. I will write you shortly. It has been a very crazy holiday season already! Congrats on Sasha's blessing. Always a joyful moment for a mother!--