Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minor irritations

Lately, Sabrina has been driving me crazy. No, not because of an unholy desire to play in the toilet (she doesn't yet realize the lids open) or because of a newly discovered "outside" voice. It's because she constantly says: WazzAT? It's a clock. WazzAT? A light. WazzAT? It's the sacrament meeting speaker who is trying to tell us we really do have time to pray right before bed! Because all we have to do is sleep! Because he's 19! And playing to an audience of his friends! GRRRRR! WazzAT? It is my brain! On drugs!


Church is hard with a baby. I know this is not news to those of you who have ever had one. 11:00 church is likely the best, if the kid's on two naps at least, but Sabrina's naptime is at 1:00, and church is over at 2:00, and she never naps well when Zane is around because he is a pushover for his crying princess (he's so cute), and well, Sundays are hard. Today she screamed for a few minutes in her crib. I went in and held her. She continued to scream. I put her down, walked out. She screamed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally she screamed herself to sleep.


Can't wait until I have another and we have 1:00 church next year!

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