Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Day

On Mondays, my sisters-in-law and various cousins get together and do Projects. I'm working on a diaper bag big enough for two babes. Today I got the straps for the bag cut out and one of them stitched. It's hard work to do sewing projects when you haven't ever done them before!

Of course, I also spent two of the four allotted Project hours making Benn's birthday present. Benn's birthday is in January. I put this off for three months (it was maybe going to be a Christmas present) and it took me two hours. I am awesome. But it's a cover for his golf clubs, and he hasn't been golfing for the past three months, right? Right? I mean, it's winter. Golf courses are covered in snow. We golf on grass. it's done, and will be delivered to him shortly!

Here it is. (Benn, don't look. Unless I've given it to you already.)

See? Cute, right? Especially considering I invented the pattern? The golf club is REALLY FAT, so it makes a challenge. That's probably why Benn was using an old ankle sock until I FINALLY gave him his present! U of U colors, of course. Ta-da!

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