Friday, September 28, 2012


The other day, I "borrowed" Mom's carpet cleaner. No, I didn't ask. She's in India, what do you want me to do? WAIT? But I want to clean my carpets NOW!

I have two colors of carpets upstairs, cream and green. Guess which carpet the dog likes to pee on? You'd think that since we have a DOG DOOR the stupid dog could go outside when she needs to pee, but no, the carpet is too soft underfoot. Oh, and we also have children.

It wasn't a "move all the furniture, Mabel! Carpet cleaner's a-comin'!" type cleaning. No, I just did the TV room, hall, inside the bedroom doors (dog-pee central) and the living room from the hall to the TV room. It was really quite awesome, although it didn't get all the stains. Fortunately, I also got some spot-cleaner.

And speaking of getting stuff, what is about Target that turns my children into screaming, tantruming hooligans? Except Raiden, of course, who is perfect and calmly waited out his siblings' wildness. It wasn't lunch time, nap time, or any other easily explained time. I think I have the answer, though. The devil lives at Target.

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