Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Progress

Everything is coming along. We have had two bites at renting our old house, which I guess we're going to do instead of trying to sell it in this market. That's good, right? I just desperately need to clean the old house, and the basement and garage and outdoor areas still need to be brought up to the new house. I think that should be Zane's job.

My new mantra for the new house is "one room at a time." It's too depressing to see the mess and try to clean it up without a plan. I tried to do that for a week, and the result was a meltdown and TV time. But one room is doable. Of course, I get to decide what a room is. For example, Sabrina's room has a big pile of baby boy clothes. Despite the fact that her room is "done," the clothes remain. Why? Because I decided that job belongs to the boys' room. I'm so glad I have executive decision-making abilities.

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Crawford Crew said...

Molly! I seriously think moving and pregnancy should not ever ever mix! It should be against the law or something! Is there anything we could do to help?