Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not that I'm trying to be blasphemous, but still

So, have you ever had a charley horse in your foot? The other day, at the family Olympics (where I took three gold medals despite my delicate condition, including team competition, soccer kick, and the all-important dessert competition), I was minding my own business and putting on my shoes, when, POW! Out of nowhere, this incredible pain hits my right foot. If it weren't blasphemous, I would say it felt like someone was hammering a nail into my foot. As it is, I'll just say it felt like my foot was going into labor, except WORSE. Poor Zane was like, "What can I do?" But all I could say was "Ow, ow, ow, that hurts so bad!" And I was crying in pain. Definitely worse than labor, because in labor you get an epidural. My sisters-in-law were also very sympathetic, because here's their pregnant sister CRYING in PAIN. If that doesn't get you sympathy, nothin' will. Fortunately, the pain eventually receded and I could go about my business of helping the Red team kick Green and Blue's butts. All is well.

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