Monday, June 28, 2010

My child was lost. For a minute.

Personally, I blame it all on Sabrina's cousin Bode. They were playing together, and suddenly I didn't know where they were. We were at my aunt Kathleen's house, which means I didn't really know the really good hiding places. But the two two-year-olds weren't inside, or in the backyard, or (thank goodness!) in the fishpond. So I started going down the street. A long ways. Saying (out loud, or it wouldn't be true) "This is not happening." About eight houses down, I see a little head bobbing up and down on a tree-lined driveway. A grandpa-aged man was watching them, and asked the naughties if "you know this lady." "Mama," says a very naughty Sabrina. Phew! BODE had apparently opened the door (this is why I blame HIM) and the two of them gleefully went about giving their mother/aunt and grandmother a heart attack. Lock the doors, check. Thank goodness for a very nice neighbor and a street with no traffic. And the power of prayer.

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