Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling producting and not diabetic

That's right, I passed my glucose test today. Phew. Imagine giving up sugar for three months! A 14-pound baby seems (almost) worth it in comparison. Isn't that why they invented c-sections? (I'm kidding! Kidding!) Anyway, Baby is measuring about 10 days ahead, which he has been for basically three months. I'm still hoping for a September baby (his due date remains September 12), because sapphire will be much prettier in my mother's ring than August's peridot. Shallow? Yes. So?

I also have had such a productive week. Well, Monday was productive, and I'm still in the productivity "glow." I cleaned the whole house (okay, picked up the house, vacuumed, mopped kitchen; bathrooms still need a clean), did AND PUT AWAY all laundry, watered the new grass, burned a crapload of crap on our patio, and did a dictation project. I suddenly feel the need to go clean the bathrooms. Okay, as soon as I'm done blogging. I guess that' Besides, Sabrina finally fell asleep on her desperately needed nap, so I have fewer excuses. Productivity, here I come.

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