Sunday, September 19, 2010

Since Birth

Ever since the C-section, everything has been perfect. Sasha is perfect (okay, he likes to be awake starting at 10 pm, but if that's his only flaw...). He sleeps well, eats well, his blood sugar is great, his bilirubin is "low risk," his circumcision went well. There have been no complications.

As far as me? My incision is healing well, the nurses were impressed with my walking skillz, my pain has been well controlled. Oh, and mom coincidentally has three days off that she could spend in Washington D.C. but thought it would be more fun to spend in Eden. As she says, these are all tender mercies.

BUT. WHY oh WHY do they encourage breastfeeding, tell you how wonderful it is, congratulate you on doing it, AND ONLY HAVE HOSPITAL GOWNS THAT OPEN IN THE BACK!!??!! This is what I would like to know. Today I'm rebelling and wearing the gown backwards, but it gaps in front, and with the elders coming to bring me the sacrament (another tender mercy), I have to wear two gowns to keep decent. Women, we must agitate for breastfeeding-friendly hospital gowns!

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