Thursday, September 30, 2010


You may be aware that Sabrina has refused to wear pants for, oh, about three months. I've tried, I promise. But putting pants on her results in screaming, crying, hitting, and ultimately, in taking off the pants by Sabrina. Today, we may have had a breakthrough. She has been wearing shorts for SIX HOURS!!! I got them on her, then almost immediately put her in the car to take Sasha to the doctor. She did try to take them off at the doctor's office, but I managed to distract her. I pray we have turned a corner.

In other news, it took an entire hour to get through Sasha's two-week checkup. Really? The nurse weighs and measures him, the doctor looks at him, the nurse, pricks his heel and gets blood for the PKU test. Poor baby screamed the whole time, although he was very brave during the doctor-looking-in-his-ears part. 10 minutes of contact with health care professionals, 50 minutes of sitting and trying to keep Sabrina's pants on. Then to Target for diapers, milk, and juice (the staples), then the bank, and the gas station. I'm tired. I just had major surgery, after all. However, it feels good to get out of the house and drive and stuff. I am an independent woman again! And if I were editing this paragraph for my students, I would ask, "What is the thesis for this sentence? You have too many subjects in it!" So I guess it's time to quit.

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