Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I swear I will get some pictures up soon! But for now, you must be content with the written word.

Mom's presence continues to be a joy. Let me give you an example. I have changed about four diapers since getting home! Also, I have yet to do dishes, get myself a meal, or get my husband a meal. This is partly thanks to the Relief Society and my wonderful visiting teacher, who brought enough food to feed an army, but there is something to be said for someone else warming up the lasagna in the microwave.

Sabrina has been very sweet with her new brother. Most of the time. She does sometimes (often) just ignore him, but alternates with "I want to hold it--Baby Sasha." I'm working on human pronouns with her.

Sasha just had his first doctor's appointment yesterday. The doctor confirmed what we thought. He is perfect. He is only two ounces down from his birthweight, which is likely attributable to his fantastic eating skills. He is a sweet, cooperative baby. At least, this is how I feel since Mom takes care of him for much of the night! Zane asked her if she wanted to make the position permanent.

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