Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The last day of one kid...I hope

I know, it's been a long time since I posted. My only excuse is EVERYTHING seems to take SO MUCH EFFORT! I think it's partly because I went over my due date (okay, that was just Sunday) and I was pretty depressed about it. There's definitely a psychological strain that comes with the passing of that arbitrary date-in-the-sky pulled-out-of-the-air DAY your doctor gave you seven months ago. Add that to the fact that Sabrina was born on her due date and, well, everything takes more effort. But tomorrow? I get induced. Until my due date on Sunday I didn't really believe that impatience was a medical necessity. I hereby recant that belief.

So, today I've been busy cleaning, doing laundry, packing my hospital bag, and I just need to buy some (ahem) necessities that I forgot about until an hour ago. The work hasn't put me into labor, but hey, that's what Pitocin is for.

I also cleaned out the disaster we call a car today. It's primarily my car; that is, I'm the primary driver. Here's the breakdown of who left stuff in the car:
Molly: 10% (not including garbage. Let's face it, 50% of the garbage was mine.)
Sabrina: 50% (not surprising. She spends a lot of time in the car, and I usually have so much to bring in, including her, that her stuff gets left behind.)
Zane and Spencer: 20% each. This is what gets me. WHY do I have four pairs of Zane's socks in the car? Two pairs of pants? Random metal pieces that are VERY IMPORTANT but have been sitting there for weeks? Spencer's geode that he desperately wanted when we were in Southern Utah but never took out of the car? Three pairs of Spencer's shoes? Grrr.

I felt good for cleaning out the car, and was all set to put Sabrina's old carseat in there for the babe, but then I looked at it. Where were my eyes when I put my sweet, clean baby on that filthy seat? So, I'm washing it right now. And yes, it's girly. I feel, however, that my boy will be adequately masculine that he will overcome the obstacle of a pink and gray infant car seat.

I'm sure I have many more amusing and clever things to say, but this is already a novel and I need to finish making sure I have adequate entertainment (books and Alias and Pride and Prejudice, BBC version) for tomorrow.

Oh, and happy birthday Nora and Meredith last Saturday! (People remember your birthday when you're born on 9/11.)

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Crawford Crew said...

Good luck Molly! Loved the car inventory... sure explains a lot ;) Sounds just like Spence!