Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That's how they get you

So, Sasha was SO CUTE when he was born. Just a little baby acne, plenty of hair, perfect C-section head, and so on. Well, now he has lots of baby acne and is losing his hair from the front to the back. But...well, he smiles now. And smiles while he looks at his mommy. How cute is that? It well makes up for the baby acne!

Sasha is on an every-other-night-I'm-good sleeping schedule. Last night was a bad one. He woke up four times instead of his good night two. Fortunately, though, Sabrina did not wake up. I've decided that since she's not potty trained she has to regress somehow, and she's picked sleep. Two days ago she had the grumpy trifecta: 2 years old, a new baby, and up at 6. This, of course, leads to the trifecta of grumpy for me:a 2-year old, a new baby, and up at 6. Sigh. I hope tonight's a good night!


Crawford Crew said...

Marilyn F. told me to give Samuel a drop of Vit E in his mouth for the baby acne. It helps a lot, but comes back the next day if I don't do it every day. Just thought you may want to try it too. I hope you had a good birthday!

Karen Froerer said...

Molly!! Yeah! I found your blog and I LOVE it! It is so you, I feel like I'm talking to you at grandma's kitchen table! I'm gonna be a regular now, how exciting!
Love ya!