Thursday, October 21, 2010

No, Sabrina!

So, have you seen that book called No, David! where there are just pictures of a boy doing naughty things and the text on each page is No, David!? That was my life yesterday for a short time. I was nursing Sasha and *ahem* surfing the internet. Sabrina was in the other room. She came in and climbed behind me on the couch, which I hate. This was the firat No, Sabrina, followed with increasing volume with these dicoveries:

pink sharpie on the wall;
in two places;
pink sharpie on the ottoman;
on the chair;
in two places.

By this time, we might both have been in tears. Fortunately for us both, the sharpie came easily off the walls, mostly off the chair, and mostly off the ottoman. Still, you can see the talent of Michelsabrinio next time you see my ottoman. I see a new book in the works.

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