Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Benn!

So, it's Benn's birthday today. Here are a few random memories that I'm sure Freud would find interesting.

* We would play boat together and with friends where we were on a boat (usually a blanket) and were orphans and had to deal with stuff like pirates. We always prevailed.

* Benn's play name whenever we played boat was Jeffery.

* We also played town downstairs with Chris and Maren, who were brother and sister also. Maren and I had businesses like fetching food from upstairs. If someone ran out of money, we would just make more. Just like the US government!

* On Friday nights we would sleep somewhere in sleeping bags, often under the swamp cooler in the summer. Closets were another favorite sleeping spot.

* On Christmas Eve, we would sleep in the same room. We would take the bed apart and one would sleep on the mattress and the other on the box springs. This was a really stupid idea.

* Dad sometimes ran the 24-second clock for the Jazz, and we occasionally benefited with tickets. Good seats, too, like on row 25 behind a basket. Dad would bring us the stat sheets at half time and it was awesome. Except the time that grouchy guy sat next to us and got mad at us during the "we will rock you" part. Overall, though? Awesome.

So happy birthday little brother! May your children have as many fabulous memories of each other as I have with you!

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benn said...

haha! I am sorry to say I dont remember all of those (sleeping under swamp coolers or getting yelled out by grouchy guys) but I definitely remember boat and town. I will continue to pay you fake money if you deliver me warm cinnamon sugar toast.