Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been slacking on my blogging. Here's a few updates.

1. When you ask Sabrina where her shoes are (in the car, probably), or where Daddy is (work, or sleeping) or any other such question, she now puts her hands in the air, palms up, about shoulder height, and says, "I do' know!" It might be the cutest thing she has done so far.

2. At work, the 6th and 8th grade girls are full of drama, drama, drama. Talking about each other, racing rumors to each other, trying to get power. Honestly, I don't remember Jr. High being this awful, even though 8th grade was, well, a hard year. I remember kind of liking good ol' Wasatch Jr. But based on what I have seen the last few weeks, I am afflicted with a particularly pleasant form of amnesia, and have no desire to relive those particular glory days.

3. My computer is now an orphan. That's right: its motherboard died. At least Henry, the tech wizard at school saved my data, but the computer is gone. And, as a 1/5 time counselor, I don't rate a new laptop. Poor me. Poor, motherless computer.

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