Monday, May 24, 2010

Mama I yuv you

Before bed, I always sing Sabrina a couple of songs. Shameless self-promotion: I started singing "Mother I love you" from the Primary songbook. Now, I ask what song she wants and she says "Mama dada." That means "I'm so glad when daddy comes home." Sigh. THEN she asks for "Mama, I yuv you." Aw. My heart goes all melty.

As can be expected, my pregnancy is progressing apace. Yesterday we had family portraits with the Froerers. I can think of a better time, like in A YEAR when I'm not 5+ months pregnant. However, Austin and Karen + 5 are moving soon, and Austin leaves tomorrow to find a house in Iowa and likely will not be back other than a brief return for the family once the house is bought. Besides, at that point I will be 8 months pregnant, so this is better. Still. The sweet photographer suggested I put a hand above or below my belly so I look pregnant, not "frumpy." The fact that she's absolutely right did not make me feel better about the once-in-ten-years family portrait featuring me as an extra 15 pounds or so!

Oh, and Victoria mentioned when she heard about the family portraits she thought, "Well, at least no one's pregnant! Oh wait. I guess I mean, 'At least I'M not pregnant." Ha ha, very funny.

The pictures were yesterday. It was pouring. For the group picture, we went across the field to the far end of the Froerer Family Compound, across foot-high grass. I was fine. I have an extra couple pounds of blood (yes, yes, to say nothing of the other couple pounds, I know) keeping me warm, but poor baby Sabrina was snuggled right up to me. "Told," she said. That means "I'm cold, mama! How could you do this to me?"

I really think the pictures will turn out cute, though. We were all good sports, especially the photographer!

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