Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waking Up

Usually, Sabrina's version of waking me up includes crying. Yesterday, it was a loud "I luv you, mama." I got up real quick.

As Sabrina just turned 2, she had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I really talked her up about being brave, and she did a great job. She stood on the scale (which had Dora stickers on it) without crying, although she did look a little traumatized. You would too if you were standing naked in the hall of the clinic! She let the doctor listen to her lungs and heart and feel her belly without crying, too. Looking in her ears was a different story, but it was better than previously!

However, when the shots started....She was a little suspicious of us when we held her down, but the indignity! the pain! of the two immunizations was too much. The screaming really started then. The rest of the day was "Mama, leg huhts." She has a very cute English accent for most "R" words. Then a few little whimpers. Poor baby.

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PAPA said...

so mean...........she needs papa