Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reflections, er, Expressions

A few weeks ago, I was asked to judge the written portion of the Reflections contest at the local elementary school. Except since the school is not associated with the national PTA, it's not officially Reflections, it's Expressions. Clear?

Here are some of the gems. I wish I'd wriien them down when I had them in front of me, but these are just those I remember. The theme is "If I had a wish."

"She came slowly. (It's very hard to run fast when carrying a heavy ladder.)"

"And when I went to the moon I took my Zhu Zhu pets."

Okay, I can't remember any more. Dang, I should have written these down when I had them! My favorite, the grand prize in the 5th-6th grade category, was poem that went something like this:

If I had a wish I'd wish for a thousand shelves and I'd fill them with my stories.

If I had a wish I'd wish for a thousand books and I'd read them all.

Etc. Except hers was way better. Dang, this is what you get for planning a great blog entry in your head and then not writing it until the words are all gone and all you have left is a great idea. Well, I hope you are all good pretenders. I gave out one grand prize, then a maximum of five first prizes and five second prizes for each of the three grade categories. Some had obviously written theirs the night before, but some were really good, or really cute. Not usually both, but hey, they're kids. I'm too used to junior high-aged essays for some of their stuff, I think.

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