Monday, March 21, 2011

Cleaning: A Test

A few months ago (when Zane was a little irritated with me and taking it out in a passive-aggressive way) he told me that lo these many years ago (like, one) his mom mentioned that he and I are kind of messy. I can't be offended because a) it's true, and b) Marilyn and I have different cleaning styles. I have developed a test to determine if you are a Marilyn or a Molly.

1. In two hours I can
a) clean my house.
b) clean the bathroom, if I really rush and don't get interrupted.

2. When my child uses my lipstick as a crayon in my bathroom, I'm angry because:
a) that was a really good color and a free sample to boot and I threw it out before I could check the name.
b) I have to clean it all up.

3. If I'm having people come over, I
a)am still cleaning 10 minutes before they come by throwing toys into the kids' rooms, because I figure by the time the guests see the kids' rooms we can blame the mess on current playing.
b) organize cupboards in the kitchen in case someone needs to bake cookies.

4. I'm more likely to see
a) that the carpet has been vacuumed this week -- look! lines on the carpet!
b) dust.

5. Before the cleaning service comes
a) you have a cleaning service? Lucky!
b) you clean.

So, count up your As and Bs. If you have more As, you're like me! Congratulations! You have a messy house > 50% of the time. If you have more Bs, you're like Marilyn! And you have a clean house pretty much all the time. Oh, and she doesn't have cleaning service now, she has Vienna. I'm just assuming what would happen if she did.

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Crawford Crew said...

Are you sure he wasn't confusing me and you again? ;)