Sunday, March 13, 2011

A heritage of high intelligence

A heritage of high intelligence. That's what Sabrina has. That refers to Grandma Maughn, of course, she has that coveted high intelligence. So, joking aside, Sabrina is so smart! In two days she's learned three letters! Yay! she knows S, O, and C. She can spell soc! It's okay that it's spelled wrong, because she's only two. And a half. We were reading Dinosaur ABC tonight, and she would find those letters. She's good at S and O, but C we learned tonight so it's a little harder. Anyway, we saw one dinosaur with a big fin on its back, and Sabrina told me, "It gets warm by the sun." That's right! At least, that's what the book says. I told her that a couple days ago. Oh, and at the Carl Bloch exhibit she looked at a picture of the ar-teest and said "That's Joseph Smith." Well, not Joseph Smith, but how did you know about Joseph Smith? Must be nursery. We talk about Jesus plenty, and Heavenly Father, but we have yet to delve into church history.

And speaking of the Carl Bloch exhibit, it was amazing. It deserves its own post, so I'll just say now: Wow.

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