Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catch up

Okay, I know it's been a long time since I blogged. Let's just say, I did not do great in the "don't be idle" goal. I don't know, maybe putting quantifiable goals as subgoals is not the best thing for a mother of a two-year-old and an infant. I think that just depressed me. So, onward and upward! I'm honestly not sure what this month's goal is, probably because I got a FAIL on February, but hey, that's why I have monthly goals instead of yearly ones!

Today Dad came up for lunch, i.e. he brought KFC. I mean, I'd cook for him, but he volunteers to bring the good stuff. Who am I to ruin his fun. Sasha was sitting on his knees, and Dad flapped his (Dad's) arms up and down, and then Sasha flapped his (Sasha's) arms up and down. It was hi-larious. Sasha's really getting interactive and fun, not a sandbag anymore. When Dad was leaving we told Sabrina to say goodbye, and she ran to the door. Dad thought she was ushering him out, but she spread all 2 foot 10 or so in front of the door to prevent him from leaving. That's how the grandkids feel about Grandpa Joe.

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