Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Binkie Loss

At one time, I had five of those newborn pacifiers, you know, the ones that are blue/greeen and are round and look kind of funny? Yeah, Sasha really liked them, so I kept good tabs on them. Then I lost one at Zane's office, I think. One was under the crib. One I had. Two I KNEW were in the house. I knew it. But I couldn't find time, and I've cleaned, looked under couches and chairs, everything. Couldn't find 'em.

Yesterday, Sabrina comes into the room with TWO of them! Sadly, one was from under the crib, but the other must have been stashed somewhere in her room, in a box or purse or something. Not in her toys, or books, or bed, or dresser. I have no idea, but now I have three again. These are the things that make me excited these days.

I'm starting teaching again next year. I'll get to be excited about 12-year-olds writing essays again, as well as getting binkie joy. The best of both worlds?

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