Sunday, March 20, 2011

RSV Update

On Thursday night Mom called, worried about Sicko. After listening to his breathing over the phone, she ordered me to take him back to the doctor the next day. So, of course, I did. There is an RSV clinic at the hospital designed specifically to keep kids out of the hospital. The only thing they had to do for Sasha, though, was clearing out his mucus. If you're not a parent, you should stop reading right now and go to a happy site with no bodily fluids mentioned.

If you're still reading this, here's what happened: deep suctioning. They took a long catheter and, while I held my precious baby's hands, stuck it down his nose and suctioned out disgusting, oxygen-limiting mucus out of him. After a few minutes of crying and struggling they finally let him go and tested his oxygen. Above 90 is okay, but they like to see about 96. He was 99. Yay for mucus-removing treatments! He's a little wheezy again this morning and I may take him in for a repeat tomorrow, but I think he's getting better. Still, this has been a serious, disgusting adventure.

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Crawford Crew said...

So sorry he's not feeling well :( It sucks to watch your babe suffer. Can't wait to see you guys healthy and happy!