Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Boy

I took Sasha to the doctor today because he has been wheezing. And snotty, and coughing. But happy, always happy. After testing his oxygen levels, looking in his ears, suctioning out his nose, and an Advair treatment, it was diagnosed: RSV and a double ear infection. Well, it's just a probably on the RSV, we didn't get the snot tested. Why? Because who cares if it's RSV or another virus that also can't be treated? Not me. So the upshot is: poor baby, and don't drop by unexpectedly unless you want RSV. I kept thinking he was immunized against RSV, but no, that was rotavirus. Anyway, he's on antibiotics for the ear infections, and I've been warned to bring him in again if he turns blue. Did not need to be told that.

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