Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being a Mommy

AT about 1:30 this morning, Sasha started to cry. Naturally, I staggered out of bed to his crib, where I picked him up. As soon as he was in my arms, he stopped crying and all the tension went out of his little body and he relaxed against my shoulder. It was like, "Oh, Mommy's here. Now I'm taken care of." So tender.

Right now, Sabrina is playing outside. She loves being outside. Yes, last I checked it was 32 degrees. What? That's way warmer than it has been this winter. Mom once said if she didn't know where I was she knew I was probably in my room reading and making crumbs on the sheets. Ah, what is better than good food (graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips) and good literature (Little Women, et. al.)? I'm afraid, though, that when I can't find Sabrina she'll be chasing cows off our property or climbing in the barn or exploring the back edges of our property. Not as easy to find that kind of girl, eh?

Today I love being a mommy.

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Gayle said...

Oh, with that description of your reading snack, have I got a recipe for you! Do you know that homemade (no baking necessary!) peanut butter cup recipe that grandma had? If you've got it, I'd suggest whipping up a batch (it makes about a million squares) and crawling into bed with Little Women! (If you don't, email me and I'll send it!)