Friday, April 1, 2011


Today I got to go to a first: a sealing of an already-married couple, my friend Jared and his wife Amanda. They also got their son, Paul, sealed to them. Here are some thoughts:

1. Yay for eternal marriage! How great to be together forever!

2. There is no way Sabrina would have put her hand on mine and Zane's for the 20 or so seconds it would take for the sealing of her to us. Especially with all those strangers around! No, she would say "no" and pull away and want to be held. There is something, after all, about a 4-year-old instead of a 2-year-old. Paul did a great job of getting sealed and being the subject of about a million pictures afterward.

3. Most of the people there were relatives of the bride, a few relatives of the groom, me, and (surprise!) a friend of mine, John, that I have barely seen since high school. But we have known each other since we were six, were in the same ward and schools, and hung out a lot. So, as the only non-family memebers and since almost everyone else was, for lack of a better term, old, we spent the whole time catching up. It was funny how the years didn't matter. We were just Molly and John.

4. Sometimes, just being Molly and John was a bad thing, because I think I, at least, reverted a little to 17-year-old Molly. As the sealer droned on just a wee bit, my mind drifted to some of the inside jokes we had. If you don't remember, inside jokes of 17-year-olds tend to be, well, not really temple appropriate. This did not keep me from giggling silently before focusing my attention on the chandelier and forcing my mind back to holy things. Fortunately, that became easy once the ceremony really started.

So, congratuations Jared and Amanda! I'm really happy for you.


Lucy Bangerter said...
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Amanda said...

Thanks so much for being there! I hope we get to meet your kiddos this weekend!