Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things I don't have a testimony about

Here is what I don't have a testimony about.

Women are more spiritual than men.
Women are better nurturers than men.
Men are better leaders than women.
Men are worse than women and should be castigated in GC.
Women are better than women and should only be praised and put on a pedestal in GC.
Not wanting to be bishop is a good reason for women to not have the priesthood or be in real leadership positions. (Anyone who wants to be bishop is a psycho and probably wouldn't be a good one, for one thing.)
Women should not pray in General Conference.
Women should not be in the Sunday School Presidency on any level.
Women should not be the finance clerk for the ward.
Bishops should be able to override a Relief Society President's choice for counselors. (YW and YM Presidents'? SS President's? SUre. RS President, HP Group Leader, EQ? no. Make suggestions or discuss? Yes.)

These things that I lack a testimony of have no bearing on my testimony of the GOSPEL. And I don't think they should. I'm just so sick of some of the the church.

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