Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There is measles in Utah. Probably at least 10 cases, and likely more to come. You know the common thread between all cases? THE KIDS WERE NOT VACCINATED!! WHAT A SURPRISE! I'm sorry, but not immunizing your kids, at least by the time they are in school, is just irresponsible and freeloading. And it puts Sasha at risk, because he's not immunizable age. Yeah, HE probably won't die of measles, but he'll be plenty miserable, which will make ME miserable, besides having to quarrantine myself for TWENTY-ONE DAYS so the non-immunized freeloaders don't get it! Plus those immunosuppressed kids who could DIE if they get measles.

I'm sorry, but if your kids are 5 or older, get it done!

Now my rant is over. For now. You can tell it was a bad one because of all the caps.

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