Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being Prepared

Mom used to work with a woman named Kitty. Kitty was always prepared. Going to see Haley's comet? She had hot chocolate. A softball game in June? She had a blanket in the car. I always wanted to be like Kitty. But I am not.

Sabrina, Sasha, and I went to the park on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day, and we'd only be gone an hour. They had coats and blankets, but I didn't want to take the diaper bag, because we were walking (or riding in a stroller, depending on our ages and ability to walk) and it's a pain to take everything. You know where this is headed, don't you?

Blowout. Back, legs. Practically as soon as we got there. I know Kitty, and I'm no Kitty.

We had fun anyway. Sabrina was terrified of the swings (even though she liked them a year ago, that's a third of her life ago) and of the slide. But I told her she could have candy if she went down the slide alone, so she did. Anything for sugar! Sasha liked the swing, though.

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Crawford Crew said...

Way Way cute pics! I love the one of Sasha in the swing with his legs hiding :D Adorable!