Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cool Kids

I was thinking about "the cool kids" the other day. All right, it was while talking to Karen. I think it's hard to be a teenager, and everyone has it rough. But in my experience as a teacher (and therefore with a better perspective from when I was a teenager myself), cool kids aren't quite as self-assured as the non-cool kids think. They have more drama, get into drugs and sex more quickly than their regular-kid counterparts, and cry more in the counselor's office.

Naturally, I'm not saying all cool kids are druggies. It's just that teenagers tend to look up to, admire, and want to be liked by the popular kids, but everyone has problems, and very few teens are comfortable with themselves. Even the cool ones. I wish everyone could know that when they're wishing they could be different from what they are.

Apparently I'm feeling philosophical. Enjoy.

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Crawford Crew said...

Hmmm... really left me wondering exactly what you were thinking about Karen? Which "group" was she in? What about you Miss Molly? I know I was a total nerd :D Now, looking back, I can embrace my nerdiness... I guess. lol