Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7 months!

Sasha is 7 months old. I think I had Sabrina a lot longer when she was 7 months than I've had Sasha. Regardless, he is extremely advanced. He can now crawl, although not very quickly. Pretty soon he's going to be unstoppable! He also claps, in a sort of one-handed way, and can feed himself baby cereal bits.

With Sabrina, I was so excited to give her "real" food. That was before I realized how messy and inconvenient it was. When she was only 5 months I was already eagerly spooning rice cereal down her somewhat unwilling throat. Sasha, though, has been ready for food since 5 months, but I've only recently summoned the courage and energy to do it. He really, really is happier with food though. He will happily sit for 20 minutes eating his baby candy while I eat my food and feed Sabrina, because she likes to be a "baby" and have me feed her. She's even shown interest in, how do I put this, eating like Sasha. If you get my meaning.

In a few minutes Sasha will wake up from his nap, and doubtless amaze the world with his continued progress. Meanwhile, I will try to get Sabrina to stop regressing and feed herself. The life of a mom.

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